Which dog food brand is the best?

Which dog food brand is the best? Topic: Which dog food brand is the best?
June 16, 2019 / By Dye
Question: I am just about to adopt an Alaskan Malamute (about 3 years old) and I really need to know which dog food is not as expensive but healthy and would probably last us a month? and where can I get it?
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Burt Burt | 3 days ago
The best brands are ones that are high in meat and contain little to no grains, corn or other cereals. Most also have additional essential vitamins. You should also take into account the breed of dog and the life it has. A working dog would need a slightly different diet to a sedentary house dog....!!
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Burt Originally Answered: what is the deal with off brand food vs name brand food?
Before World War II most people preserved and canned their own produce and cooked everything from scratch, so although they would buy some imported goods (like sugar, or cocoa powder) there wasn't much choice, and they were mostly named brands with maybe two different options. In the latter part of the 20th century, there was lots of competition - more and more people deciding to market 'convenience' foods, and canned products, mixes, and so on - some reasonably nutritious, others basically junk. It's a buyer's market, so evidently people bought this stuff as it continued to be produced. Then of course, since people wanted cheaper stuff, supermarkets did deals with branded companies to produce unbranded equivalents that they could offer less expensively. And STILL some people buy branded food. The best thing is to use as few processed foods as possible. Buy locally grown fruit and veg, etc (organic if possible) and do your own freezing/canning/jamming etc.

Aldis Aldis
Eagle Pack. It's made in the USA, in Indiana. 100% natural, no recalls, and a big supplier to the Iditarod sled dogs. http://www.eaglepack.com/aboutus.aspx#.UTEdIqKG19U
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Tabatha Tabatha
I am a new dog owner this week. I adopted a shelter dog. I have spent the better part of the week researching the internet, and speaking to my own vet, plus calling 3 others of differing opinions. So even vets do not all agree about how to feed a dog. There are many vets who don't even own dogs. I am quite persuaded to use the raw meat diet. I watched a youtube video taking place in the dog food processing plant. Just think for a second how long dog food has to be shelf stable. Sometimes by the time you buy it , it can be almost 2 years old!! It sits in ware houses and is filled with the most horrible things you can imagine. Some are better than others, but most are grain based and when is the last time you saw a pack of wild dogs attack a wheat field? Plus NO animal in nature cooks its food. NOT ONE!
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Reene Reene
Try a large breed formula like Natural Choice. It contains real chicken as the first ingredient followed by chicken meal so the protein content is very good and is of good quality. Next, it does not contain any corn, wheat or soy protein as well as no chicken or animal by-products and no ground yellow corn. This company uses high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in combination with zinc which is guaranteed to improve skin and coat. This is great for a malamute as they have lots of coat to keep healthy. Hope that helps :) Olivia Pet Nutrition Specialist Nutro
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Michaela Michaela
my range: Nutro Max, or Nutro Natural Choice Diamond Natural Recipe Bill Jac Good But really expensive: Natural Balance Blue Buffalo Evo and I guess Raw the thing about feeding your dog raaw is you have to brush their teeth because it will stink some people don't know this There more stuff but it depend on what your dog like and how much you are willing to pay an
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Michaela Originally Answered: Is Hill Prescription Diet Z/D wet food a good brand food small dog?
some vets are idiots ... they get paid money to carry that line of food and push it whenever they can ... if you check out the ingredients they are not the best ... my vet also recommended that food for my dog with allergies and she did very poorly on it ... i have changed my dog to Halo salmon kibble and the Halo salmon canned food and she has done very well on it ... do you know what your dog is allergic too ??? my dog has a few animal protein allergies and i think this is why the Halo food is working for her because much of the protein comes from vegetables and not meat ... but there are many foods out there for dogs with allergies, just go to a local pet food store and check out the different varieties ... a unique protein source is a good place to start and no corn, by-products, fillers, colourings, artificial flavours or cute shapes ...

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