Is this diet good?

Is this diet good? Topic: Is this diet good?
June 16, 2019 / By Erica
Question: I'm 13, 5'3", and 110 pounds. For breakfast every day I have two pieces of light wheat toast, which is only 100 calories since I put a VERY little bit of butter on. Then for lunch I have a light and fit yogurt which is 60 calories and either pretzel sticks or wheatables which is anywhere from 85 calories to 140. Then when I get home from school I have carrot sticks which are 75- 80 calories. For dinner I try to limit myself to under 800, which yes, I know is a lot, but I try to eat healthy things like chicken (not fried) and vegetables and rice. Then if I get hungry after dinner, for dessert kind of, I have fruit which is always about 100 calories. I also go 5 miles on an exercise bike every day, do a work out I found in Seventeen Magazine, and do 60 crunches, 60 bicycle crunches, 45 reverse crunches, 30 squats, and 3 pushup sets (10 regular pushups, and 10 pushups laying down on each side= 1 set). So my question is.. is this not a healthy diet or will I tone up in time for summer? I know it sounds like I'm not eating enough calories but after eating all that food I'm not hungry anymore. And I have another quick question.. we're doing a social project. My teacher wants us to see what it would be like to be a deprived African so for 24 hours we can't brush our teeth, take showers, brush our hair, change our clothes, sleep on a bed, use electronics, use deoderant, or anything else a poor African wouldn't have. That includes NO food. So is it alright if for one day I don't eat at all because of my social project?
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Cissy Cissy | 9 days ago
You are still growing- I really think you should throw in another calcium or fruit smoothie in there. You should be able to handle the calories and still nurture your gowing body. Your weight sounds perfect, but you will need more protein if you're going to get buff and toned.
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Bailie Bailie
You are eating almost all carbs - which might be working now, but can be a hard 'diet' to stick to. I would try to eat lean protein when you can, along with fresh fruits and veggies. So, for breakfast - try one egg and a piece of fruit. For lunch have your yogurt, but instead of the pretzels or wheatables, try an apple (which is still carbs, but contains more fiber - so you will be satisfied = not hungry longer.) At home instead of carrot sticks (which are healthy, but have high glycemic index = high carb) try one or two rolls of lettuce and deli-sliced turkey. Your dinner routine sounds good. I would also mix up your exercise routine, and if you can, try to walk a few miles everyday. I would recommend reading the original South Beach Diet book - it also has good recipes in the back.
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Adallina Adallina
use i can't believe it's not butter instead of regular butter.. seriously though, when i was your age, NOBODY my age then counted calories.. i agree with the others, don't worry too much about what you eat, esp. not worrying about counting calories. In fact, at your age, a few extra calories help. And I commend you for exercising - but focus more on keeping in shape than on trying to lose weight.
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Taffy Taffy
Youre 13, you shouldent be dieting. You need normal food to grow. Of course you shouldent pig out either. But by the way youre going you will probably be toned by the summer.
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Pekahiah Pekahiah
OMG! I almost cried when I read your post! YOU'RE 13 YEARS OLD! Who the frick taught you to read and count calories!?? You shouldn't be worrying about things like that! You're so young yet. Put down those stupid Seventeen magazines and crap like that and be a kid! Sweetie, you're setting yourself up to have an eating disorder. Please, please, PLEASE talk to a counselor or a trusted family member. This is not normal..
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Lovel Lovel
Sounds to me like you may be consuming too few calories. Please speak to your diet or a dietician. You don't want to deplete your body of vital vitamins and minerals.
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