DIET soda on diet, good or bad?

DIET soda on diet, good or bad? Topic: DIET soda on diet, good or bad?
June 16, 2019 / By Trina
Question: So everything i read says 'stop drinking soda and save gaining ______ cals a day" However, they mean non-diet sodas. I want to know if DIET soda is okay or bad for a diet. -disclaimer- Yes i know soda in general is bad for you. That it can slowly kill you. Shouldn't be drinking it to begin with. Blah blah blah blah blah. I already know all of that. So please don't bother typing that. Camille and ! as i said in my main post, i already now all of that. And clearly I don't care. as horrible as it sounds I don't give a **** about my health. I just want to be thin. So stop preaching about stuff i already know. thanks
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Sallie Sallie | 2 days ago
ZERO scientific evidence proving that aspartame is dangerous in the quantities contained within diet soda. ZERO. If there is good laboratory-tested, peer-reviewed evidence out there, I'm not aware of it. That said, there is some suggestion that diet sodas train the brain and body to crave sweet things, so even if you're not getting calories from the soda itself you may indirectly through increased consumption of sweets. I would suggest using diet soda as a "transition" drink and ultimately end up drinking mostly water, or seltzer if you want the carbonation.
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Sallie Originally Answered: If you eat 1200 calories a day but drink diet soda, does the diet soda make you gain weight?
Absolutely NOT. Diet soda has zero calories. You can't gain weight from something that has zero calories. To do so would defy the law of thermodynamics. That's like gaining weight from air. Can't be done. Now, someone will probably chime in that the artificial sweetener in the diet soda MAY cause someone to binge. Well, so do pizza commercials on tv! Should I not watch tv either? I mean, I don't watch tv much but you get my point... I've gotten down to 8% bodyfat while drinking 2liters of diet soda per day. Better than the year before when I only drank water. This is not to say it helped me get that low but it sure didn't hamper me in any way. good luck!

Nicolette Nicolette
Forget about losing weight for a moment...if your 'diet soda' is sweetened with aspartame (the trademarked name is Nutrasweet) then you are putting a poison into your body. Stay away from this stuff. It has been linked to Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, memory loss and early dementia. Drink herb teas instead; sweetened with a little bit of honey and some fresh lemon juice. Or just drink water. Diet soda tastes like crap anyways.
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Lynette Lynette
I think diet soda is on, it doesn't mean that who ever drinks soda is gonna get fat . You can drink it as long as you know when to stop . Drink it when you want to as long as its not much . It only gets bad when u over do it,
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Keavy Keavy
Calorie-wise, yes it is better. However, you may not lose weight by drinking diet soda instead of regular sodas. Please read the article that I've cited for a full explanation.
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Idony Idony
Diet isnt really any better then the regular sodas it actually makes it alot harder for you to lose weight!
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Idony Originally Answered: Can diet soda have the same affects to a weight loss diet as regular soda?
you should try to eliminate the diet soda out. Do small steps and start drinking water. Switching between the two could be a start. I finally got of drinking soda and everytime I drink soda my body reacts weird. I tried eliminating sugars from soda. Don't try that free thing of Acai Berry it is a gimmick they will be hidden charges.

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