Do you believe in the Atkins diet ?

Do you believe in the Atkins diet ? Topic: Do you believe in the Atkins diet ?
June 25, 2019 / By Algernon
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Tania Tania | 9 days ago
Depends on what you mean by "believe." It does throw you into ketosis so that you burn fat, so it does "work." Some people use it successfully, very successfully. Others don't succeed because their bodies have other issues. For some people, their fat refuses to budge and when they lower their carbs even further, they go into hypoglycemia and feel ill. This diet worked better, in my opinion, when our world and bodies and food supply were much less toxic. A body whose fat stores are full of toxins, and which has just lost a lot of water in the initial phase of Atkins, will NOT burn fat because it would release too many toxins in too concentrated a dose, into the body. I believe that people who "fail" on Atkins simply have bodies that are smarter than they are! Some question the long-term viability of the diet, but really it was never meant to be a carb-deprivation diet in the long term. Carbs are to be added back as people reach their goal, and they learn the right amount of carbs to eat for their own particular body to reach and then maintain a normal body weight. That may be different for different people, as researchers of metabolic typing diets have found. The fact that extra supplementation is needed and that constipation often becomes an issue is a bit of a red flag. For health, so much cooked animal meat and cooked animal fat is a concern. I've been fascinated by Aajonus Vonderplantiz's diet - for the past 35-plus years he's included raw animal foods in his diet and used it to cure his cancer and other conditions, including an encounter with deadly amanita mushrooms. Cooked meats and fats behave very differently from raw meat/eggs/dairy/fish etc and their associated fats and butters. And his use of really raw, unheated honey is key. If raw meat was dangerous, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have made it so long, or look so good! I'm told Atkins approved of this diet. It isn't a rigorous plan, but he includes lots of raw animal and raw plant based foods and some cooked foods. And hey, anything that lets me have honey and butter on french bread as a therapy has to be good, lol!
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Tania Originally Answered: What are some snacks you can have while on the Atkins diet? Not any of that Atkins brand stuff, other stuff.?
it really pays to become acquainted with the rest of the diet. Just meat and cheese is not required at any stage, but after week two you get a lot more flexibility. As a guy I think he can go quite a bit higher during stage 2..check the book or website again. great snacks, not all under 1 net carb (you need to understand carb from net carb because net carbs are the only ones that count..see the web links below) deviled eggs sliced ham with cream cheese spread on the inside and rolled up pork rinds I forget the name but there's a company out there that makes crackers out of cheese and they are good..check lowcarbluxury.com nuts strawberries beef jerky roasted soy nuts sugar free jello carbsmart creamsicles (these are my favorite snack and they ARE 0 carbs!) low carb ice cream low carb yogurt (and I read a recent report that suggest the residual carbs in yogurt don't have to be counted because they are pre-digested) pork rinds (can be dipped into any low carb dip or salsa) It also pays to learn to cook as there are thousands of great recipes out there, even recipes for cookies and cakes! Cooking is also the best way to control what's really in your food. There are also good products that taste a lot better than the Atkins brand stuff. Keto makes good stuff, and the Pure Delight Chocolates (Walmart had them, World Market still does) are better than most other chocolates. The warnings - Some of the sweetners in sugar free and low carb sweets can have a laxative effect on some. If you're sensitive to them, they will give you gas that will peel paint! Also...adding snacks is good, but at no time on atkins are you supposed to eat yourself silly. Even though all you are counting is carbs, he tells you to eat only until satisfied. You can still overeat and sabotage the diet. What's more the whole point is that you learn new habits, so snacking all the time is not a good idea.

Rickena Rickena
Yes! If you do the study, the low carb vitamin is a speedy and healthful technique to shed some pounds. Like every other vitamin, this is a vitamin that you just have to realise and following they manner it's supposed to be adopted with a view to be strong. Our our bodies take the fats from our diets and retailer it, as a consequence gaining weight, after which use the carbs we devour to make use of because the vigor supply for which to run on. What the Atkins vitamin does is to teach the frame not to run on carbs through utilizing low carbs and as a consequence making it burn the fats in our our bodies for vigor. That manner the fats does not sit down in our frame and will get used as a substitute of the carbs. Pretty practical to unerstand.
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Minty Minty
I thought it was to limiting. I liked the diets endorsed by Suzanne Sommers. She has a number of different books out on them. I lost 30 pounds with hers.
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Lillia Lillia
If you're serious about losing weight you MUST try Acai Berry! I first heard about on Oprah, and I ordered a 14-day FREE trial from this site. I've already lost some weight and I've got tons more energy.
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Lillia Originally Answered: What is the Atkins diet?
Simple- maximize protein (all the bacon, lunchmeat, steak, eggs you want) and minimize carbs (no rice, no potatoes, no pasta). The good news is, you drop weight hard and fast. The bad news is, your breath will stink, your bowel movements will hurt all to heck, your blood pressure and cholesterol will skyrocket, and if you ever go off it the weight will come back. But hey, as long as you look good, right?

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