How To Not Eat So Much?

How To Not Eat So Much? Topic: How To Not Eat So Much?
June 16, 2019 / By Adney
Question: I need to lose weight kinda badly, but the more I think about losing weight, the more I want to eat! I'm starting to get so desperate that I'm going down bad paths, and I REALLY don't want to! Especially because I'm a singer, and I don't want it to hurt my vocal chords in any way. I just think "I can't eat", and then I get hungry and end up not only eating a lot but eating all the wrong foods. Plus I just feel like it is so easy for me to gain weight, and I work out quite a bit, but I don't get to often because my work/school schedule is just insane. Can anyone give me tips on how to curb my appetite, or how to just not want to eat? Coffee usually makes me not want to, but I add lots of sugar. Also, I drink wayyyy too much caffeine already, and it's no good for my voice. I just want to be able to be one of those cute little girls that sips on tea and only eats the necessities.
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Stevania Stevania | 10 days ago
Well Tea is a very good way to curb an appetite. I have also been trying to watch what I eat, and in 2 weeks I've lost 6 pounds. So what you need to realize is, most of the time you think you're "hungry", you're probably bored. So what I what tell you, and what I've been doing, is when you think you're hungry, go do some homework ( I know it sounds awful, but it helps, trust me), or you could draw or even go and practice you're singing. So something to distract you. And even if you want a snack, have something healthy, like an apple, it keeps you busy for a while, have some pretzels or even just a glass of water. Just don't reach for those chips Hope this helps:))
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Quibilah Quibilah
Slow down when you're eating. Drink water while you eat to help you feel fuller sooner. It can take 20 minutes for your body to register that you're full- just keep that in mind and pace yourself. Try to cut back on the amount of sugar you add to coffee/ eat otherwise. Excess sugar is bad for you and useless for your body- like all other empty calories. Try not to reward yourself with food, you are not a dog. That's helped me a bunch =)
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Mel Mel
You need to eat your fill of FAT and PROTEIN. Low-carb high-fat diet. Result: you'll master your hunger and eat less.
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