When you have belly fat does it help to absorb lot of belly punches during a fight?

When you have belly fat does it help to absorb lot of belly punches during a fight? Topic: When you have belly fat does it help to absorb lot of belly punches during a fight?
June 16, 2019 / By Leona
Question: I have a friend who is not fat by any means but his belly is pretty bloated with some fat. He can take lot of punches there without giving up. Even hard punches. He is not a good fighter but he said this helped him many times during fights where his opponent punched him hard in the gut hoping for an easy knock out. He has taken them with a smile in his face. He says that it does hurt him but not in to the position where he is getting breathless. Ia asked him whether he is considering to do abs exercises to lose belly fat but he said he is really comfortable with a pot belly! Does belly fat help you to take punches without giving up? I have a 6 pack but even a normal punch will bring me in to my knees.
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Jordana Jordana | 3 days ago
Having an excess of belly fat can cushion the blow of a strike. But it can have other things working against you. By the way crunches will not help him lose belly fat. He would need to eat the right diet along with enough exercise to get his heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. Basically proper diet and exercise. Even then you can't target were the fat will come off. The body chooses where the fat comes off first. It is generally an over the body reduction of fat. Generally speaking you have to have a total body fat percentage of about 6%- 8% of body fat to display a 6 pack.
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Genny Genny
Your problem is probably that you're core isn't as tough as your 6 pack is beautiful! I don't have a six pack (a 5 pack at best of times) but I train with gut impact a lot, and try and keep my core strong (I mainly do this to support my back). My most simple and favourite exercise is crunches with your friend sitting over you punching your gut on the down beat. You can start by using focus pads to distribute the impact (like the fat on your friends gut does!) but then work up to bare fist. Once you feel confident work up to teeb kicks, shin kicks and knees. The core is the real shield for your torso, protecting your organs, back and ribs. Once you get good, you can take a punch without you 6 pack actually doing much to help. One more thing. Just because you can't see your friends muscles under his belly, chances are his core is stronger than yours, just having to support all of that extra weight whilst training!
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Delila Delila
The fat gut can work if there is also some muscle under it. The problem is that it still puts stress on the heart. You probably don't know how to tense up your muscles on impact, which is why even with a six pack you have problems. It takes practice, it can be learned.
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Bryony Bryony
The fatty tissue might increase the time it takes for the impact to reach any vital soft tissues. This is similar to seat belts, that increase the time taken for the crash to protect the passengers. Force = V velocity - U velocity/time. The greater the time, the slower the force. However, this is only one factor, a properly delivered punch or a strike is still dangerous. In a way fat works like both a seat belt or a crash cushion.
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Allene Allene
Yes because he's got fat them muscle so the fat absorbs some power and then he tenses and the muscle takes the rest. Hope this helps
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Allene Originally Answered: how can i get rid of belly fat?
Belly fat can be caused by a dirty colon.I know it sounds gross,but plenty of water will help flush it out,and create a flatter stomach.this is a slow process so be patient.Drink 1/2 of your body weight in water daily.If you weigh 130,drink 60 ounces of water daily.Good Luck

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