I'm a guy trying to get more cut. What can I do?

I'm a guy trying to get more cut. What can I do? Topic: I'm a guy trying to get more cut. What can I do?
June 25, 2019 / By Val
Question: I'm not overweight and I have a fast metabolism. What exercises should I do and for how long and how many days a week? I have been pretty lazy the past year or so and it is showing (to me anyways), I have gained maybe 3-4 pounds around my midsection and I want to know effective ways to get it off and bring out my six pack. 10 points to the best answer.
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Scholastica Scholastica | 7 days ago
Diet and exercise. First make sure that your diet is right. Low carbs and sugars especially. To get cut, you have to minimize the layer of fat between your skin and the muscle itself. Cardio will help the fastest. Thinks like running and elliptical training are best for faster results. Run at least a mile 3-4 times per week, lengthening your run as you develop better endurance to around 1.5 miles unless you are training for a race. Weight training will help develop underlying muscles so that they show through. Push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, benchpresses, curls, and flies are allm great. Vary your routine every 2 weeks and use new exercises and different equipment at the gym so that you don't get too used to your workout and plateau too soon. Try things like pilates and yoga, biking, swimming, and sports to keep yourself interested. Most of all, once you start, remember it takes time and that this is a lifetime lifestyle change so don't be too impatient. Work hard and live healthy and you will achieve this goal and so much more.
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Nydia Nydia
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Madalyn Madalyn
the cheapest way to do this is to go running to lose the weight and use free weights/pushups/crunches to gain the muscle. my brother did that and went from a little pudge to a 6 pack as well as big arms/pecs and stuff in not very long.
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Kenda Kenda
I used to have you same problem. The way to get cut is simple and free. Push up,sit ups, and sex. It works great!
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Isolde Isolde
You should try to get onto Crossfit training... look it up on google. Or if you want to spend the money, try the PX90 system
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