500-600 calories a day?

500-600 calories a day? Topic: 500-600 calories a day?
June 20, 2019 / By Uriela
Question: 150 pounds. If I did this for 3 weeks how much would I lose? And it's only healthy stuff and I drink plenty of water
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Savannah Savannah | 3 days ago
Depends on how tall and active you are. I need to know your daily metabolic need. Very low calorie diets are diets under 800 cals a day and do work well for weight loss in obese people. I don't think it is what YOU need to do though, since you weigh only 150 anyway. For you a small lifestyle change would likely be better. But if your daily caloric need is 1850 calories, and you ate 550 calories a day, you would run a deficit of 1300 calories. 3600 cals in a pound of fat, so you would lose 1300cals/3600 cals per pound = 0.36 pounds per day. This is 2.5 pounds per week, or 7.5 pounds in 3 weeks. The problem with Very Low Calorie Diets is that they are not lifestyle changes, and if you return to your old way of eating you will end up gaining weight overall. For very obese people this isn't as important because they are fighting for their lives anyway, and they stay on these diets for months or even years to lose the extra weight. Very obese people are gaining weight quickly anyway, so the fact that VLCD's lead to quick weight gain just doesn't matter that much, because they are doing that anyway. VLCD's are not good for someone who only needs to lose 20 pounds or so. That is best done with a small lifestyle change.
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Savannah Originally Answered: When counting calories for dieting, should you count the calories of the food or the calories from fat?
all three of the macronutrient groups contain calories so those are what you count; all proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Norene Norene
It doesn't matter if you only eat healthy stuff and drink water, that is less than half of what calories you should have at minimum daily. Doing this will slow your metabolism, making your body want to hold onto fat, not lose it. Plus, you would not have energy and be more susceptible to binging and cravings. Then once you went back to eating normally, you would gain it back fast due to the slower metabolism. A more healthy way would be to eat healthy but stay above 1200 calories for women and 1500 for men. The aim for 45-60 minutes of exercise. The exercise will help burn calories but you won't be depriving yourself of nutrition.
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Macey Macey
your gonna lose fat.. but long run your immune system will go down. letting u catch every cold an flu, an whatever else u dont want... your hair will suffer, the growth will slow down.. u might even lose some... your skin will suffer so how good does 500 calories sound now? i repeat.. eat 1000 - 1200
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Kelly Kelly
Insane! not healthy, your body will lose fat one week and add it back following week! you need to eat sensibly all the way through not stave one week and eat more the next! it doesnt work like that im afraid starving isnt a good way to burn fat, your burning muscle!
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Kelly Originally Answered: Is eating 2000 calories of junkfood same as 2000 calories of healthy food for the body?
Calories are calories, no matter how you get them. Calories are nothing but energy through heat. However, the amount of fat (whether or not they are trans fat or not) , sugar and sodium is a completely different story. It works against your health and the proper functioning of your body. In short, the number of calories does not have anything to do with the actual nutrition. Brown rice, dark chocolate, nuts etc. have a lot of calories, but they are very healthy for you because of the nutrients like protein and low grams of fat in them. Some fruits, like bananas, are somewhat high in calories; a medium banana has 180 calories, as opposed to a medium apple that has only 80. However they have a good supply of water, potassium, vitamins and other nutrients your body thrives off of.

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