Is this a symptom of heart disease/clogged arteries?

Is this a symptom of heart disease/clogged arteries? Topic: Is this a symptom of heart disease/clogged arteries?
June 16, 2019 / By Thomasine
Question: Basically I am a 22 year old athletic male, with a weight of 160 pounds, 5 foot 10. I have an extremely good metabolism so I have neglected to eat healthy a good portion of my life since i dont gain weight. I do eat alot of healthy foods, I just eat alot of unhealthy foods also. I suffer from slight tachycardia (resting HR 80-110) after eating and in general sometimes. No doctors have thought this is too serious. Lately I have been having slight shortness of breath occasionallly and slight dull pain in my jaw. However, I never get chest pain or shortness of breath exercising and can go a long time without getting winded. This still concerns me, however, because of my diet.
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Roseann Roseann | 7 days ago
I am sure that if your Doctor isn't concerned about your resting heart rate, then he has evaluated your Cholestorol, LDH, HDL. If you had a problem with the results, he would have indicated it to you. Probably not to be concerned with heart disease if you see your family physician on a regular basis. High blood pressure could be another issue, genetics something else. Like I said if your concerned see your physician regularly.
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Roseann Originally Answered: When you have clogged arteries how long does it take for a heart attack to happen?
Well if you are in the hospital for it, try to walk three times a day; because clots form from the inactivity, causing problems in your condition. At least move your legs and change your position every fifteen minutes. Get some Fish Oil Capsules, and spread Olive Oil on your toast, things like that. Use your Cholesterol medicine the right way, after a meal. You Can break them up, with less hamburger and fatty food usage, and such. Put Broccoli into diet by adding in soups that are low-sodium, dipping in low-fat ranch dressing. Good Luck, and go to a Nutritionist at the Local Hospital, for more help and a diet/plan.

Mya Mya
Shortness of breath can be cause by many things. If you have been to more than 1 DR about your symptoms and they don't think it's serious, then most likely it's nothing. You may think you have some heart disease so your body makes you feel like there is something wrong when really there isn't anything wrong with you. Think positive! I've been like this before and people used to say I'm a hypochondriac.
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London London
Our fire fighter is right. You're generally too young to have coronary disease, unless you have risk factors. Risk factors include, family history, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking. Family history cannot be controlled but the other four can. If you have family history of coronary artery disease, you are at risk and your doctor should take that into account. Besides blood tests, there is a heart scan that may give you some answers. It is a series of CT scan of your chest to see the coronary arteries and measure plaque if there is any. Make sure you get your doctor's ok before you continue exercising.
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Karyna Karyna
I am a paramedic and you are too young unless you have a family history of young heart disease. Having said that, the combination of the jaw pain (classic sign of heart disease/attack, breathing difficulties, and elevated resting heart rate, I would be concerned. You need to go to your primary for a full work up. Good luck
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Karyna Originally Answered: Can arterial plaque build-up or clogged arteries be reversed?
Indeed they can Beta apolipoprotein can achieve the dissolution of cholesterol and cholesterol calcium plaques, in the carorid bifurcation, and in the arteries of the "aortic arch" such as subclavian, vertebral, etc. The problem its that its expensive, and has to be injected in the site of narrowing (the main use is coronary atherosclerotic narrowing, in order to prevent infarction of myocardium) On the other hand, the use of simvastatine tablets, together with aspirin 80 mg perday, and nicotinamide, in lenghty trials, achieved reversion similar to lipoproteins taking in average 2 years, with a low cholesterol diet...... Yes, is is quite possible... If the clogging is very acute or in important branches of arteries, invasive catheterization is the answer,,,,(under local anesthesia and sedation) that will "clean" the affected arteries, and even suck away the debris of cholesterol, however its under local and sedation, carried out by an "invasive angiologist" which is a specialized radiologist, that carries out such procedures,,,,in the coronary arteries, this is often not suficient, being useful, the placement of a "stent " of iron tantalium mesh, that will dilate and keep dilated such delicate vessels,.....which is by far, preferable to open chest coronary "bypass" if the candidate is detected on time by checking the x rays of the suspected "clogged" arteries........

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