Is it possible to will yourself to ovulate? 10pts?

Is it possible to will yourself to ovulate? 10pts? Topic: Is it possible to will yourself to ovulate? 10pts?
June 16, 2019 / By Kodey
Question: I have been ttc for over a year and have only had one period in that time because i don't ovulate properly. I am starting to get really depressed. I know that it is possible to believe so strongly that you are pregnant that you start having symptoms of pregnancy. but is it possible for a woman of childbearing age to will herself to ovulate? (Mind Over Matter) And how would this be done? writing clearer- No I am NOT pregnant but i want to be more than anything. I have PCOS so i don't ovulate. In the last year I have only had one period. So i was wondering if it was possible to make yourself ovulate idk maybe by extreem wishful thinking?
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Jasmyn Jasmyn | 3 days ago
Plenty of women with PCOS do get pregnant. There is treatment available for women with PCOS. You just need to be going to the right doctor for it. A specialist. Trying to will yourself to ovulate....probably won't work and may work against you, honestly. Reason being is that you are causing yourself stress and anxiety. Neither of which is helpful in trying to get pregnant. There are books out there that you can read. One is called "What to do When the Doctor Says It's PCOs". It gives some great dieting tips and other helpful suggestions regarding trying to conceive. Might be worth your time to pick it up...... Best wishes to you!
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Jasmyn Originally Answered: Why is it that you can gear up to ovulate without it actually happening?
It could be due to fluctuating estrogen levels. Your body needs to build up a high enough estrogen level to trigger ovulation, therefore our bodies can make many attempts without being able to do so. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to delayed ovulation. It could be adolescence, breastfeeding, or menopause. Stress, illness, travel, exercise, weight gain or loss, medical conditions, can all delay ovulation. Your body may gear up to ovulate during these times, but these things can delay it. I mean really, your body just sometimes does what it wants to do I guess :) Hope this helps or gives you some ideas. Same thing happened to me this cycle. I'm going on 2 wks late and was still getting BFN 4 days ago. My fertility monitor detected my ovulation, and has always been 100% accurate for me. I'm wondering if my body tried to O but didn't. I have read that it is not common at all to detect your LH surge and then not O. Good luck to you, and sending you loads and loads of baby dust :)

Evalyn Evalyn
No, sorry hun. If mind over matter really worked, I could will myself to pick out the correct lottery numbers. If you're not ovulating, you need to see a doctor. There are wonderful treatments that can help you.
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Coco Coco
Not really, it will actually probably do the opposite, too much stress and anxiety can stop you from having a normal cycle, see a doctor to see if there is a reason why you are not having a regular cycle. Best of luck!
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Belle Belle
i didnt understand ur Q to ans r u pregnant or not? or u got only one period in one year? write clearly so that i can give ans
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Belle Originally Answered: I ovulate in less than a week, start BD now? What else should I be doing to increase chances?
I dont mean to sound negative and i think you have everything pretty sorted but are you thinking and stressing about this a little too much. i know how desperate some people are to have a baby but really your body and mind have a way of preventing things that are causing you stress. So if your stressing too much about falling pregnant it might make it more difficult and decrease your chances. Sex will become a chore and it wont be enjoyable anymore. The reason i say these things is because i was kind of desperate for a baby as my son is 3 and i didnt want a big age gap (as silly as it sounds) so me and my fiance decided to start trying for a baby. I was keep track of my periods, ovulation and everything else you can think of! taking pregnancy supplements and all the rest of it. I fell pregnant within 10 days the first time but i wasnt keeping track of anything and i wasnt even thinking about being pregnant or falling pregnant and i did. this time it took a little more time but i think i over stressed myself. even though it didnt feel like i was stressing, pregnancy was all i really thought about, i requested to have sex every night and it kind of became boring and all about making a baby instead of making love. Im not sure if it had any connection but i miscarried at 8 weeks about a month ago, and there was no obvious reason, and the stress could of been one of the reasons. So this time (at the moment) we are trying again but we are not classifying it as trying. we are just having fun. im not keeping track of periods oovulationon all im doing is taking my pregnancy supplement still and that is it. I wish you all the luck in the world, i hope everything you've've worked so hard for happens im just letting you know that maybe its a little too much BABY DUST *

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