Tips For A New Kitten! (best answer= 10pts)?

Tips For A New Kitten! (best answer= 10pts)? Topic: Tips For A New Kitten! (best answer= 10pts)?
June 16, 2019 / By Jamie
Question: Yay! I have a final date of when i'm getting my cat! Next Monday! So I have a few question answer as many as you like. -what to buy before I get her, and what to buy when I get her -best spot for a litter box. -how to bring her into a house with a dog and toddler (we already know she loves the toddler so that's not a big worry for me. -Recommend products don't have to be necessities -Should I buy her a cat bed or just let her sleep wherever. -Any tips I know it's a lot of questions, even if you only answer one I appreciate it sooo much! Thanks Everyone
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France France | 3 days ago
Well, I am going to list a lot of stuffs here, some you already know but maybe not enough and some you might not know. New Kitten Checklist:- Food (find out what she is eating prior to coming home to you, keep the same food if it is a high quality brand. If you need to change, transition slowly by mixing the old and new food together) **It is always better to feed a 100% wet diet as compared to dry. The reason is pretty simple. Cats are not big water drinker and they need water for hydration. Dry food contains very little moisture and a diet of dry food will create many health problems down the road. Also, the believe that dry food helps clean teeth is a complete myth just like how some people believe that wet food causes diarrhea. If you are interested to find out why a wet diet is better, go here:- http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.php?ac... http://cats.about.com/cs/catfood/a/canne... http://www.catinfo.org/ http://www.naturalmatters.net/article.asp?article=621&cat=11 Most cats are lactose intolerant so giving them milk is not a good choice. Some might develop diarrhea and some will be fine. But it is better not to take any chances since cats do not need milk in their diet. If you like, you can purchase cat milk instead as a treat but the kitten has to be over 6 weeks old to drink them. Some brands to try:- Whiskas Cat Milk Vitakraft Healthy Milk/Yogurt Snack Drops for Cats Catsip Milky Flakes Um Treats for Kittens Water (filtered water would be the best, you can also invest in a water fountain if you like. Petmate and Drinkwell are popular ones) Food/Water Dish (Kittens and cat like to eat and drink from shallow bowl. Dog bowls are not suitable because they are deeper and cats do not like to get their whiskers wet or soggy. Stainless steel and ceramic are the best. Avoid double serving dishes - keep a separate dish for food and water) Grooming Tools (short haired cats require less grooming than long haired. Invest in good quality nail clippers, brush, flea comb, wet wipes, and I like to use a chamois cloth to give my kitty's coat a high sheen and glow after grooming. The furminator is also a good tool to help with controlling excessive shedding. Kitten do not need to be bathed unless they get very dirty/messy) Litter and Litterbox (She will need at least one litterbox for your kitten. To begin with, choose a smaller one where the sides are lower so she is able to climb in and out easily. Remember, not all cats like a covered litterbox. It is only convenient for the owner. There are many kinds of litter to choose from and I personally prefer clumping litter made from natural biodegradable ingredients like corn, wheat and pine) http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/ http://www.swheatscoop.com/ http://www.naturemakesitwork.com/ http://www.naturesearth.com/ http://www.natureslogic.com/products/cp_litter.html http://www.preciouscat.com/kitten-attract-p-10.html To make sure that your kitten uses the litterbox regularly, you have to maintain a clean and sanitary litterbox condition. Be sure to scoop daily and replenish with fresh litter. You will need to empty the litterbox at least once a week or twice a month. Wash the litterbox thoroughly with a mild detergent and bleach. Be sure to rinse off all cleaning residue. Don't forget to also clean the scoop! With kittens, you will need to make sure you leave a little of the used litter behind to remind them what the litterbox is for. Scratching Post and Play Structures (This is very important to get for your kitty because you do not want her to learn to scratch your furniture. Scratching is a natural habit and you shouldn't punish er. When you buy a scratching post, make sure it's one that is sturdy and will not tip off easily. All cats love to climb and getting her a nice cat tree of playhouse will allow her to exercise her natural talent without ransacking your house) You can try one of these two method to teach your kitten/cat to use the scratching post. Method One Hold treats near the post to get your cat to come near the post. Slowly, make your cat come closer and closer to the post to get the treat. Then increase the height at which you are holding the treat so your cat must put his paws up the post to reach the treat. Gradually increase the height at which you hold the treat so that your cat eventually has to climb to the top in order to get the treat. This training session is a slow process to be worked on each day, making small progress each time you work on it. Method Two Using the kind of cat toys that are at the end of a string, dangle, drag, and swing one of your cat's toys. Do this on and around the post. Use the scratching post as the play area. Your cat will climb up and down and around his post to try to reach his toy. By doing this, his post will be a place of fun and good memories.
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France Originally Answered: Please help me out here! Best answer =10pts?
Try the atkins diet, you don't have to count anything because it just restricts your intake completely of carbs! At least for the first 2 weeks. It is very easy to do and you can lose a lot of weight.

Dax Dax
Awh! Congratss!! -before you buy her you should get the basics; KITTEN FOOD, litter box, cat litter, food bowls, and any toys you want. -i keep MY cats litter box in the basement, but a bathroom, unused room, computer room, any place you use the least, (because right after they go, it smells for a little haha) -For the dog, it really just depends. If youre getting a kitten, i would keep it in a room for probably atleast a week. And maybe for 20 minutes a day or something let it out just so your dog and cat can get to know each other, but then have a break, just in case. If youre getting a big cat, then i wouldnt worry TOO much, just because the older it is the more it will be able to worry about itself if it doesnt like the dog. -Some recommended products i would buy would definitely be some type of scratching post. Some catnip(there is catnip spray, or a plant..cats LOVEE it!) -Just to save money, i would honestly just let her sleep wherever. Because any time i have ever bought a bed for my cats, or even dog, they have NEVER slept in it, haha. I really hope i helped you!! good luck
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Barnaby Barnaby
Yay new Kittens are so much fun (and work, but it's worth it!) Before you get her, you definitely need a litter box, litter, food/water bowl, and I would suggest some pet stain and odor removal I find the best litter box spots are the bathroom or the laundry room, just keep the door cracked I would let the kitten smell around the house and do some exploration before introducing it to the dog/toddler. This way its not too much all at once, you don't want to overwhelm her. I would say introduce the kitten to both the dog and the toddler individually in a room, but stay close just in case it doesn't go well As far as the pet bed goes, I wouldn't waste your money, I have bought several pet beds and none of my cats ever seem to like them (Of course I'm sure some do or they wouldn't make them...) Also, the besy toys are the ones that don't cost anything. I have TONS of cat toys and both of my cats would much rather play with/in a paper bag or cardboard box. Have fun with your new kitten!
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Yiesha Yiesha
Buy food before you get her, food dish, water bowl, etc. Try to get smaller pieces of cat food since she's a kitten. Also, the kittens I've had all loved having their dry food mixed with canned food. The best spot for a litter box, in a hidden spot so that people wont see it, but at the same time, a spot that you'll be able to remember to clean it everyday. The only way that I can suggest to bring her around the dog is to just let her run around the house and let them encounter eachother on their own. If you force a cat up to a dog, they're instincts are to hiss and possibly claw the dog. Buy a collar after you buy her to make sure the size is right. I recommend a scrathing post. It doesn't have to be one of those crazy huge ones, but get her used to it while she's still young so that she knows she can scratch that and not the walls and everywhere else. I suggest not to buy a cat bed. The cats and kittens I've had would never sleep in a cat bed, they'd sleep everywhere else but on it. They love sleeping places like on top of sofas or on beds. Buy her plenty of toys, like balls with bells in it or little fake mice while she's still a kitten. It will keep her energy up and she'll end up a very lazy cat otherwise.
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Shebah Shebah
1. water and food dish, litter box (hooded) and UNSCENTED litter with low dust, toys, brush (slicker or rubber currys work best) Eventually, you need a cat carrier, a mat in front of the litter box is helpful. As far as toys, keep it simple. Mine like junk: paper bags, cardboard boxes, peacock feathers, things like that. Mine like toys with feathers, and toy mice the best. 2. Litter box is best kept in a quiet location. They do like a little privacy. Mine is in my bathroom. Don't put on carpet. 3. Introduce them slowly. You may have to teach the dog and toddler to be gentle with her. Remember, she is very little. 4. Nature's Miracle litter treatment, hairball remedy, the list can go on but these are a couple I like. 5. Cat bed. I personally wouldn't buy one. I used a cardboard box on its side. I took a chair cushion from a fabric store and made a pillow case for it. You can also use soft, warm fabric or a blanket to make a cozy bed. Kittens often will sleep wherever they are when tired. Mine prefer our bed. Yours will pick her favorite spot. 6. Food. Please get a high quality food. Not anything sold at Walmart or grocery stores. Some good brands include Felidae, Eagle Pack Holistic Select, etc. Avoid foods with corn, wheat, and soy - they often cause health problems. The food will cost a little more, but it goes much further than the cheaper brands since there is less filler.
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