My gassy baby needs help. What can I eat?

My gassy baby needs help. What can I eat? Topic: My gassy baby needs help. What can I eat?
June 16, 2019 / By Humbert
Question: My baby is gassy and fussy. Cutting out certain foods to see what might be bothering her seems like a shot in the dark. Since she is really uncomfortable, I want to speed up the process. I’m going to try a basic diet and am looking for recommendations, not on what to avoid, but what to eat. I plan to start by eating brown rice and nuts, but know that I need to eat more than that to keep us healthy. Any suggestions on what else I can safely eat? She is 7 weeks old. No colic, just gas. Mylicon gas drops don't seem to help. To keep her from fussing I hold her bellyside down in a footbal hold and gently bounce her.
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Ernie Ernie | 5 days ago
To be honest sounds like a normal baby. Lots of babies at that age are gassy. I don't know why... Rarely does it have to do with you breast milk. Trust me I tried. My now 3 1/2 month old doesn't have the same gas problem and I sure eat just like I did when she was 6 weeks. If you want to give it a shot the most likely offender is Milk/dairy. Others are caffeine, chocolate, onion and cabbage maybe broccoli. But personally I think it will go away on its own. We used Gripe water once in a while. It seemed to help us a bit.
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Ernie Originally Answered: How can I stop being so gassy?
Cut back on the fiber and increase it gradually. You have to get used to a high fiber diet, you can't just do it all at once.

Colton Colton
I just had a meeting with a lactation consultant about my gassy 7 week old son. She advised me to cut out chocolate, onions, and cabbage. I have seen a small improvement, but he still has gas. I know when I do eat the onions and chocolate, I do notice more gassiness though... Dairy might be a cause of gassiness, but it is hard to steer clear of all these foods. I suggest you keep on eating healthy like you did on your pregnancy diet and just cut out the obvious things that cause you to have gas (ie. spicy foods, etc.). The lactation consultant also reminded me that it is not always something that I've eaten/done to cause it, that people (young and old) create their own gas too. So don't worry so much, enjoy feeding your baby and ensure you have a good latch so she doesn't suck in too much air. Congratulations on your little one!
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Ariel Ariel
Eat a balanced healthy diet. Stay clear of fatty foods like deep fried foods chips and lollies, a little is ok but not too much. Stear clear of fizzy drinks like coke etc. Also don't eat any spicy foods, cabbage, fried onion, baked beans etc basically the usual foods that give us wind. Also don't chocolate, if you must only eat a few squares, because too much chocolate will give bub the runs. I would also suggest to keep baby regular and this is what I used to do with little miss when I was breastfeeding is eat 3 dried prunes and 3 dried apricots together with some cereal, I had vita wheat (wheat biscuits) you can also have muesli. This will keep bubs bowels moving, but you can adjust the quantities as you like, but for starters only start off with 1 or 2 of each. If bub is a little consipated or has a lot of gas and can't move their bowels, you eat dried prunes and dried apricots. Also drink plenty of water! it helps the milk flow. Also have a glass beside you when feeding bubs.
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Trudi Trudi
My son was terribly gassy a couple of months ago. I changed my diet and nothing seemed to help. My mom suggested making some caraway seed tea for him. Apparently it was a remedy my grandmother used for all the grandkids. It worked like a charm. Let a teaspoon of caraway seeds steep in about a cup of water. Strain and let cool to room temperature before putting into a syringe or bottle. I let my son have 2-3 oz. when he looked uncomfortable. Another tip is to interrupt his breastfeeding every few minutes to burp him. I had to do that, too. He won't like it, but he'd thank you for it later if he could. We're at 5 months now and haven't had any gas issues. I hope all goes well with you and your little one.
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Trudi Originally Answered: Gassy 4 week old...what to do?
Baby's Bliss. I'm a breastfeeding mom too. I had to cut out a lot of veggies out of my diet. Cucumber especially. Broccoli for sure and for some Corn will even do it. Some babies the milk you drink will give them gas so you may even have to cut back on dairy. Kellysmom website has great advice. Give it a look. Sited the Babybliss website if you'd like to take it a look. Its all natural.

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