lump in the lower back center of skull?

lump in the lower back center of skull? Topic: lump in the lower back center of skull?
June 16, 2019 / By Trace
Question: What is this thing? I've heard of some occipital protrusion, but I'm not exactly sure what that would look or feel like. I'm kinda scared because, when I was comparing mine with my roommates, his was slightly higher (his was at the height of the top of his ear, while mine is in between the middle and the top). I'm really scared that this might be a lymph node indicating lymphoma, but it's dead center, right above where my head meets my neck and pretty symmetrical. It's also bone hard, and everyone I've showed it to (including the physician at the health center) didn't seem to worry at all. It's immoveable and painless as well. It's a little less than 2 cm in diameter and only slightly protrudes. Is this a lymph node or the occipital protrusion? Where exactly are the lymph nodes on the back of the head located anyway? I ask this because I've also been feeling tired lately, though I have been taking Xanax and Celexa for my anxiety. Speaking of which, I've been a major hypochondriac for the past month or so, hwich may explain a few things. I don't have a fever I haven't lost any weight involuntarily (went to the gym for two months, 3-4 times a week, an hour each, and lost 17 lbs) I have a normal appetite I can go to the gym for an hour and a half if I want to, so I don't if I'd call it fatigue No lymph nodes in my neck, armpit, or groin are enlarged I get mild night sweats once or twice a month, especially when anxious
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Sabrina Sabrina | 2 days ago
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_occipital_protuberance There are no lymph nodes at the back of the skull. Please also read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypochondriac Oh, I just read your added comments re: your anxiety. Celexa may be the cause of your night sweats. SSRIs have many possible side effects, including dizziness. Congratulations on the weight loss and working out. Your body might also be adjusting to that, too.
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Losing weight will have altered the pressures on your back and joints. You may also have changed the way you hold your general posture or you may have just have injured yourself. Stay gently mobile and try ice on the painful area. You may want to go and see your doctor or someone like a chiropractor so they can examine you and advise on a course of action. Take a look at this advice sheet which may help regarding general posture. http://bit.ly/15iZmd

Netta Netta
i waked my head on my trampoline 2 years ago then about a week later i waked the exact same spot on the concrete after some1 tripped me when our class was playing a game any way i have the same problem but its like bone or something and it still hurts even when i don't touch it and theres a bump there im 14 and i didn't go to the doctor but u probably should if it doesn't get better soon (ps. its been 2 or 3 yrs since i waked it and it still hurts) :) hope i helped
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Luella Luella
Its a bone and everyone has it and its not all in the same place, some are lower and some are higher.
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Kayleah Kayleah
You may have the anatolian bump. It's interited. You can google it. Also see my link from a blog below.
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Hope Hope
Im sure everyone has those things, they are probably the shape of your skull after all everyone is unique
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Hope Originally Answered: Why does my lower back hurts so much?
With the info. you've given, all know is: I have known a few women with breats so large that they put too much presure on the spine. Breast reduction (a surgical procedure) might help. I don't know anything about it save what I've heard. If you're overweight, that can cause spinal pain and problems. In my early 20s, I gained an enormous amount of wt very suddenly from hormone pills. My spine was damaged & has plagued me ever since. My sympathies! If you need to lose weight, don't do it quickly (unless there's immediate danger--something your doctor would tell you). Dieting doesn't work. Changing the way you eat, permanently, does. See a doctor about this--and find a good one! Ask your GP (or health care provider) for a referal--it's much qucker. Be very picky about the doctor you choose and get a 2nd, 3rd opinion! Be wary of narcotic pain pills. I take them myself, but I learned--by being foolish at the very first--to be extremely careful. When you have severe pain, especially when it disturbs sleep and normal or necessary activities, taking extra is very tempting. Before you accept a prescription for narcotic pain pills, look into your family history to check for any propensity for abuse of meds, just in case. (There's no shame in that--it just happens, eg, some persons are genetically predisposed, and it can be passed on.) I F you take narcotic pain pills, never give in to the temptation to take "just one extra tonight"--that's a slippery slope. Pain management might help. There are clincs specializing in that. Some doctors who treat chronic pain get hooked on the pain pills themselves. Be careful you do not let one of these treat you!!! Such a doctor could maim you. Make sure the mattress you sleep on is firm and comfortable to you. Sleeping on the floor can be better for you back than sleeping on a sagging mattress! Take care when bending. Use your knees. Stretching exercises can help, but don't begin any exercise before you see a doctor you trust to advise you. Chronic pain leaves you drained and stressed, especially when it causes prolonged sleep deprivation. I hope you see a good orthopedic doctor soon. Only a doctor can advise you properly. Good luck & Take Care of yourself. :)

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