High heart rate?

High heart rate? Topic: High heart rate?
June 16, 2019 / By Paise
Question: i'm pretty over weight, and trying to lose it. when i'm on the treadmill i throw the incline on 15 and work as hard as my body will let me. according to the heart rate monitor on the machine my heart rate has gotten as high as 185 before. i'm wondering what a dangerous heart rate is. should i slow it down, or is it good to get it up that high? keep in mind i'm quite over weight, so i'm sure that effects it. thanks in advance. I've been on a very good low calorie diet for about a month now. i'm a none smoker, and i weight about 240, and i'm fairly active.
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Maralyn Maralyn | 4 days ago
Hi. First off, gratz on the move to lose weight! But, don't make the mistake of burning yourself on exercise and/or damaging your health through overwork (and yes, a sustained heart rate of 185 for a bit of time can be dangerous depending on your health). A good way to loose weight while on a treadmill is to take your pulse when resting for 1 minute to get your beats per minute. Then multiply this number by 1.7, that will be your target heart rate during your session (For example, if your heart rate at rest is 75bpm, 75x1.7= 127bpm target). Keep within 5bpm of this number through the workout (so for a 127bpm target, stay between 122 and 132) but stay as close to target as you can. This equates to a brisk walk and is not that heavy duty, you can even read a magazine comfortably while doing it, but it works wonders. The reason to not max out your workout and keep your heart rate a bit lower than you would think is that during an easier workout, your body doesn't use any emergency methods of getting energy (e.g. protein break down). Instead it thinks; this is comfortable and not too stressfull, so i'll use my most abundant stores of energy (fat) at a comfortable rate and save the emergency stuff for, well, an emergency. This method does take a commitment though, you'd need to keep that bpm goal at least 3 times a week for 30 minute sessions. You should see weight dropping (plus increased energy and better mood) by week 3 as long as you're not offsetting the workout by eating badly. After a few weeks as you get more in shape and your heart rate gets lower during the workout, do not increase the speed of the machine, instead, increase the angle of the slope until you hit your target rate again. Note I'm no specialist. I had this advice given to me by a friend who's a personal trainer and then verified it with a doctor, who said it would work well for me (and it did). Check it out with your doc and if it sounds good to him or her and he/she feels its safe for you, best of luck.
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Maralyn Originally Answered: My Heart Rate Goes High... Please Help..?
Yes that can be dangerous because it can send your heart into A fib where your heart just quivers. You need to make sure it doesnt get above 85% of your target heart rate because when it gets up too high its not even helping you at all, doesn't burn far or anything and it ends up eating muscle tissue in the process. Make sure you dont do the extra push at the end if its going to cause that to happen. If you have a hard time with waiting then are you making appointments?? Give your GP a call and ask to be referred to a cardiologist for testing.

Kinborough Kinborough
If you haven't been checked by a doctor your exercise shouldn't be as rigorous right away, 185 is a high rate but not dangerously so if you have no health problems. I would suggest that you start by reviewing your diet, what are you eating? What can you improve. Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Drink alot of water. Try more frequent but smaller meals and chew thoroughly. Eat at the table and do not watch TV while you eat, it tends to make you increase your consumption. The treadmill is a great start but try just Regular walking for a couple of weeks first for about 30 minutes a day, as your stamina increases and your weight decreases add the incline. If you experience any symptoms like chest pain, blurred vision, dizziness, faintness or flashing lights, stop and consult a doctor. Good luck to you!
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Janette Janette
Set the incline on 1. That's about the natural gait of walking on a flat surface. You're not going to lose all your excess weight in a couple of sessions. Your age also plays into this, but I would think anywhere around 120 would be a good weight / cardio workout for you. Do it for 20-30 minutes. When that becomes comfortable, increase the time and incline to keep your HR at the target level. You can determine that from fitness books at the library, or if you work out in a gym a trainer should be able to give you a good target. Good luck
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Essence Essence
im having a girl and at a 25 week scan her heart rate was 146. my mom is an ultrasound tech and when they are doing gender prediction the look at the heart rate as well not as a huge factor but she will say " baby has a high heart rate, which goes along with being a girl " doesn't mean its always true, and it's probably not for a lot a people. but my mom says it IS more common for girls to have higher heartbeats, the heart rate alone though, can not predict an accurate sex.
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Clare Clare
What is your at rest heart rate? Doubling it during exercise is considred normal. However, if you do have a concern, talk to your doctor. The doctor can tell you where to set the limits so as not to injure yourself.
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Clare Originally Answered: Does a high VO2 max reflect a high resting metabolic rate and/or a high exercise metabolic rate?
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