How do I train for Cross Country? 10pts best answer!?

How do I train for Cross Country? 10pts best answer!? Topic: How do I train for Cross Country? 10pts best answer!?
June 16, 2019 / By Bill
Question: This summer I am determined to be able to run at least 5 miles because my coach told me to be able to do this before coming to cross country. I can currently run 2 miles at a fairly fast pace. I am a sprinter and run 100m, 200m, 400m and I do Long Jump. This is my first year doing long distance. How can I train for cross country? Any workouts? Drills? What should I eat? Clothing? Additional tips? Thanks so much, Ashley
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Ace Ace | 3 days ago
I will answer each of your questions in turn. Training: If I were you, I would train for time, not distance. Time is more reliable. Going for distance means that you will be going longer some days and shorter others. I would start by running a certain amount of time, however, much you can handle, and work on getting faster in that allotted time. Generally, start at about 15-20 mins and add 5-10 mins a week after 2 weeks up to about 45-50 minutes tops. In addition, it is important to get the time/distance in. It doesn't matter how fast you go, especially when you are getting in shape. Just work on getting in shape before you worry about speed. Note: It is also important to take break days. Early in the season, you should be taking at least one day off a week with one easy day a week. Training Schedule: Once you are in shape, try to do something like this: A few basic runs, a workout or two, an easy day or two, an endurance run, and a day off. Based on your fitness and how good you feel, take more easy days, more days off, or do more workouts. Do not do a workout on a day you feel bad on, especially if you are sore. Try to take an easy day or a day off. Note: You DO NOT have to fit all this in a week. It gets cramped and some stuff gets pushed out. Try to get all this stuff in in about 10 days or so. Workouts: Good workouts for Cross Country include hills, VO2 runs, and steady state. 1. Hills are basically running a hill a few times over, 4-8, covering a certain distance/time every repeat. I would take roughly 60 seconds between each hill. 2. VO2: Run hard for 2-3 minutes, then rest for 60-90s. Do this at least 3 times, working your way up to 5 or 6. 3. Steady state: These a runs that are done a few miles at a time 2-6 or so. These should be run at a pace at which you can hold for a very long time. You should not be going easy, but you should be comfortable. Note: Workouts should not be started before at least a month of training. When you start, don't worry as much about time, just about effort and getting the workout done. Going faster doesn't mean you are going to be better. Drills: You can just stretch out your legs and do some skipping to warm your legs up. Check here for dynamic stretching: http://www.momentumsports.co.uk/TtDynamicStretches.asp Diet: Try to drink lots of water. Avoid foods like french fries, hamburgers, pizza, etc. Try to eat carbs(Pasta, potatoes, etc) often. Also, eat wheat or whole grain bread instead of white. Stay away from sugary drinks/food. IT will not hep you in any way. Clothing: Training shoes are a must. They help protect you from injury and will save you a lot of pain. You can get running socks, but they are not required. The same goes for running shorts. Shorter shorts are better, as they leave more room for your legs to move. Trust me, they feel much better than basketball or gym shorts. In the way of racing, I would recommend a good set of Cross Country spikes. Additional tips: Stay positive and keep motivated. Also, get used to the pain. Running hurts, whether you are a regular runner, getting in shape, or an elite athlete. The sooner you get used to the discomfort the better. In addition, try to keep your head from leaning to the left or right, or backwards or forward. This partially blocks airflow in your esophagus and makes it harder to breathe.
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Ace Originally Answered: Anyone run cross country....please help?
First off, you need to remember that as an athlete dieting will actually be counterproductive. You will actually do damage to your muscle recovery ability. You should get yourself eating 5 times per day. If you are in high school that may be a problem, so get yourself some power bars to snack on between 2nd and 3rd period and between 6th and 7th period. Make sure you are getting a balance of fruits vegetables and proteins as well as complex carbs. Stay away from refined foods. The more processesed like white bread, soda pop, cereal bars, etc, the more likely your body will store the sugars as fats.(School lunches are the worst thing to eat for any athlete) Also make sure you are drinking at least 12, 8 oz glasses of water per day. Any less and you will be dehydrated. You should really ask your mom to help you find a good nutritional suppliment that will help you get any nutrients you are missing. finally, get a subscription to runners world magazine. They often have good recipes and running tips. Last but not least---the person who said that on your rest day you will gain back the fat you lost is absolutely WRONG! Your metabolism will carry itself and will actually enjoy the one day you are not running. It is a good recovery day. Make sure you get good carbs and good proteins on that day. You will do fantastic. Caution: Do not let your caloric intake go below 2000 per day. Good Luck You are off to the right start.
Ace Originally Answered: Anyone run cross country....please help?
I agree to not go on a full fledged diet I would definitley eat a couple of times a day, small meals instead of three big ones. This is what I do maybe it will help. Breakfast - fruit and toast Lunch - usually some type of carbs, bread(sandwich) , pasta, or something along those lines. Doing that in the middle of the day helps keep me energized throughout the day plus my body will have the rest of the day to work it off. Dinner - I will usually have some type of meat, (chicken, steak, etc) and a salad. Keeping your body healthy is most important, drink as much water as you can or after a run try some gatorade to help replenish your electrolytes. You might also wanna try an aerobics or weight training class, to help more with endurance and the health of your muscles. Good Luck and Keep Running!!!

Sonora Sonora
First off you ought to construct a powerful base. This method doing lengthy runs. I advise doing no less than five miles five days every week. To support regardless that get a fair more potent base, get a longer term of eight+ miles as soon as every week. Doing 800 meter and one million mile repeats shall be well additionally. four 800s or two one million miles will deliver you a larger cardio capability. That method you'll be able to run quicker for longer distances. Just maintain getting well mileage in and do the ones repeats and you'll be able to get there.
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Portia Portia
To be a good cross country runner need to have stamina and speed combined together. You should do mostly long distance runs they will help you with your stamina and on occasion practice your speed by finding a little stretch of area and running as fast as you can as long as you can. Both of these combined will help you alot. On your long distance run you will have to push yourself as long as you can in order to improve and the distance must be more than 5 miles. You have to challenge the barrier in order to break it.
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Portia Originally Answered: Should I stay in cross country?
Stick it out for the first week to see how it is. It was the first day, some coaches want to make it hard to weed people out. It does make a difference how much you've run coming into the season though. However, it is early and you have time to improve. Cross country is all about variety- working on speed, hills, tempos, etc. All courses are different, so you work on everything. Stick it out the first week and see how it goes. Try your best, don't complain, and have a positive attitude. Running is hard, we know that. Don't be the debby downer though and bring others down with you. If your coach asks how you're doing, be honest, but don't exaggerate, just tell him that you're tired and leave it at that. The more excuses you make, the more it sounds like you just don't want to do it. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, we have a girl on our team that just doesn't run and makes excuses all the time and everyone wants to hurt her. But like I said, stick it out the first week. Ask some of the other girls if this seems hard and if the first week is always hard or if it gets easier. Just be open with things. If the other girls say it isn't hard, and I mean the majority of them feel this way, maybe it's just not your thing. Just avoid the temptation of giving up early. Running may be even more mental than it is physical because it's only you pushing yourself. Try to make some friends and get closer to the team. Maybe if you can find someone around your pace you can become running buddies. It's always easier running with someone than alone. Even if you're not close to anyone, try to make friends during stretches etc. Some of my best friends are my teammates that aren't even my age. It's a great team sport and I encourage you to stick with it, but give it some time.

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