what are the symptoms of weakening heart?

what are the symptoms of weakening heart? Topic: what are the symptoms of weakening heart?
June 16, 2019 / By Jordie
Question: Im having this constant pain, sometime light to unbearable pain right below in the middle of my rib cage. it started last 20th of september, been to a doctor, checked and says I'm okay and medicine was given but since then the pain just come & go that I think its not normal. May i know what could be the cause of this pain and will it affect my heart, by the way I am already 40yrs of age. thanks a lot.
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Georgeanna Georgeanna | 6 days ago
The symptoms of heart disease depend on the cause, severity, and type of heart disease. Common signs and symptoms of heart disease (not just of heart attack) include the following: • Chest pain • Abdominal distress (including nausea) • Bluish color to the skin • Enlarged neck veins • Fainting • Palpitations (unusually strong heart beats) • Shortness of breath • Swelling in the legs • Weakness and fatigue • Coughing • Loss of appetite and weight loss There are three steps you can take to reduce your risk for heart disease: The first step is understanding and managing any personal risk factors for heart disease, such as risk from family history of heart disease, risk from being obese, risk from smoking or abusing alcohol… Take our Heart Disease Risk Assessment to see what risks you may have. The next step involves a lifestyle that includes: a heart-healthy diet maintenance of a healthy weight adequate physical activity no tobacco products adequate sleep management of stress The final step involves vigorous management of any existing diseases, especially: diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol obesity Diagnosing Heart Disease Heart disease is diagnosed based on individual medical history (signs and symptoms, infectious illness…) and an individual medical exam by a health care provider. A number of medical tests can be used to help diagnose heart disease based on the findings of the history and exam. Common tests include blood and urine tests, cardiac catheterization, EKG, chest X-ray, treadmill stress test, or an echocardiogram. Treating Heart Disease Treatment for heart disease is individualized based on the medical history and exam as well as test findings. Medication is a common form of treatment of heart disease. Some medications work to lower the amount of blood the heart has to push around (for example, diuretics that cause frequent urination), while some medications work by strengthening the muscle of the heart itself (for example, Digitalis). Some medications work to help the heart relax and rebuild (for example, Captopril) while others help prevent blood clots from forming (for example, Coumadin).
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Georgeanna Originally Answered: What is thyroid ? What are the symptoms ? If untreated could it yield to enlarge of the heart or heart attack?
The thyroid is the gland found in front of your throat or trachea. It produces hormones that are necessary for metabolism of your body. Your thyroid can be hyperfunctioning (hyperthyroid) meaning it produces more than what is needed, hypofuntioning (hypothyroid) when it produces less than what hormon is needed or it can be euthyroid, it means you have enough. there is also a small gland located in the brain that stimulates or control your thyroid, so even if basically your thyroid is ok, if the pituitary gland is abnormal, it can cause your thyroid to either produce more or produce less hormones. The more hormones it produce, the larger the gland gets. You had toxic thyroid, it means thay you have a hyperfunctioning gland. the problem with this is that the hormones produced cause faster metabolism, therefore you can have increased heart rate, increase metabolism of the body so weight loss, poor tolerance to heat and cold, tremors, etc. eye problems can also manifest, like proptosis or protruberance of the eyeballs. You have to have your hormone levels check to see if its normal, whether you need supplements or anti-thyroid hormones. Your heart enlarges because the greater/faster metabolism exerts a higher toll in your body, increase HR, so the muscles in the heart are overdeveloped (just like when you do weight lifting, if you keep exercising the muscle, it grows bigger!)
Georgeanna Originally Answered: What is thyroid ? What are the symptoms ? If untreated could it yield to enlarge of the heart or heart attack?
The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland situated in the front of the neck, just above he collarbone. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which control metabloism, cellular differentiation, and growth. Basically, the thyroid keeps all bodily functions running at a steady rate. Hypothyroidism - is the condition that occurs when the thyroid produces too little TSH hormone - common symptoms include such things as unexplained weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, muscle aches, depression, constipation, dry skin, and a fuffy face. Hyperthyroidism - is the condition that occurs when the thyroid gland produces too much TSH. Symptoms include such things as unexplained weight loss, anxiety, heart palpitations, diarrhea, fatigue, and eye problems.

Delinda Delinda
Sometimes heartburn can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. The next time your chest pains occur take an over-the-counter heartburn medication. Check with your doctor first to see if its okay to take with the medication he has you on. If the heartburn medication relieves the pain, you may be suffering from GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease). If that doesn't help be persistent with your doctor about getting to the cause of your chest pain. Good luck to you.
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Bunny Bunny
im additionally on beta blockers. to start with, i doubt you'll honestly "consider" your center beating weaker. i consider u might desire a health care professional to inform u that. however besides, beta blockers sluggish down your center. they dont completely cause them to weaker, considering the fact that as any one else mentioned, no health care professional might prescribe it. i will play sporting events even as being on beta blockers, and if there was once any risk my health care professional might now not allow me do this.
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Bunny Originally Answered: Medical Question Relating to Heart Symptoms Ive Been Feeling?
If you aren't 18 yet, then you're on your parents health insurance or you're eligible for Medicaid in 50 states, and you're on yahoo answers USA so unless you posted your question in the wrong place, that medicaid info applies to you. It sounds like you've already decided that these symptoms you have MUST be a heart attack and I don't know how willing you're going to be to accept any answers that contradict your theory. The nosebleeds, amidst many other reasons that I know of, could be a result of high blood pressure. But you've had them since forever and presumably have been to the Dr. at least once between the time that they started and now. So if they have been caused by high blood pressure this entire time then it would have been caught. Besides, nosebleeds would be just as common as an aneurysm anywhere else in your body if the cause were blood pressure. If these episodes were heart attacks then you would also have had cold clammy skin, it would have been hard to breath and it would have hurt so much that you wouldn't have been able to sit there and wonder whether it was actually a heart attack or not. You would have also felt incredibly weak. The symptoms you've listed sound more like indigestion than heart problems. Eating healthily(beans, dairy) can upset your stomach, cause gas(which explains an enormous percentage of upper torso pain even in your shoulders or back), and if your diet restricts any one major food group then you could experience anything from anemia to hyperactivity. Indigestion, in addition to the nation recognizing the obesity problem by publicizing every vaguely obesity related heart attack they can find, is probably causing you anxiety. Anxiety can give you every symptom in the book, numbness and tingling in your limbs is extremely common, tightness or heaviness in your chest is another common one, cold sweats and and a feeling of impending doom are symptoms of a panic attack but they are also the symptoms of a heart attack. However, in a panic attack you would be hyperventilating and with a heart attack it would feel like you were literally too weak to breath, you would probably even fall down. You're supposed to take an aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack, so next time you feel symptoms, take one aspirin. If you have problems with bleeding then more than one aspirin could be bad, because aspirin thins your blood out. Try to just concentrate on breathing slowly and relaxing the muscles in your body the next time you feel those pains. If it's indigestion you could try taking tums or pepto bismol, it could at least help you rule out possibilities which is the right thing to do if you truly want to find out what's wrong. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you.

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