my heart is breaking :( how can i get through this?

my heart is breaking :( how can i get through this? Topic: my heart is breaking :( how can i get through this?
June 16, 2019 / By Giffard
Question: I am so miserable at the moment. DP and i have been ttc for 5 mths and 2 mths ago we found out from a semen analysis that dp has poor motility and vitality. He's just had his second Semen analysis today and we have to wait about 10 days for the results. he has been been taking zinc, vit e, vit c, maca root, folic acid, eating organic, eating seafood every other day but i am losing hope. i'm scared to get his results. we are planning ivf in April which will be almost the 1 year mark of ttc but i know that is a tough journey that can take many attempts and lots of money and heartache. How can i get through this?!? i feel so down and so sick that i may never be a mum. I pray but dont think my prayers are being heard. I know that many people have many problems in life but i cant go on feeling like this.
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Donal Donal | 3 days ago
I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. TTC can be a very hard thing to do, especially when everyone around you seems to be having a baby. I found out a few weeks ago my sis-in-law is pregnant on her first month of trying, and my other friend who didn't want another kid is now expecting. I've only been trying for 5 months now with 1 very early miscarriage. I decided last week that after the loss, the trying has made it very difficult and start seeing a therapist. Just having that person to talk to has been so helpful. Some insurance will cover part of the costs too. I would think about this or finding a support group. Find others who have been in the same situation and can talk you through your excitement and possible downfalls. Your joys and sorrows can help others too. Most importantly, remember your partner. Talk to him! It takes 2 to tango, give each other a shoulder and you'll come out of it. One way or another, you'll get that little budle you've always wanted.
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Braiden Braiden
Katie, i'm so sorry. of direction I even have had my heart broken. this is not any relaxing! various the time as quickly as we predict of we are blindsided by utilising a wreck up, the signs and warning signs have been there that it grew to become into coming, yet we did not see them. oftentimes a woman would be in deeper love and not understand the boy does not sense precisely the comparable way. You did not say how previous he's. i think of if he's your age he probable needs to get accessible and be single, see what existence is like. maybe he observed it which you are going to be somebody who could desire to marry him sooner or later and he have been given scared. If he's in college or making plans college, he sees that he is going away...or you're -- to college. Spend a pair of days resting or spend time with friends. this is going to be ok even nevertheless this is gonna take it sluggish. And if he does come decrease back to you, i could easily have a severe talk with him approximately what exceeded off and why. interior the interim, pass away him on my own. maximum severe college relationships do not final previous severe college. in case you adult males argued and you have been mad lots that wasn't a sturdy sign besides.
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Adino Adino
Don't lose hope yet. My husband had a low sperm count too. We got pregnant with our first child after a year of trying. The second time around we got pregnant after 8 months and miscarried. 8 months after that my husband got tested and they said he had very low sperm count and sent us to a specialist. Long story short we got pregnant before going to the specialist. So now we have 2 daughters that are perfectly healthy, it just took a while. You haven't been trying long enough to be worried about it. Most people don't even run tests til you have been trying for a year anyway. Stop trying so hard and when your both relaxed he will have happier sperm. Good Luck, and don't lose hope.
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Stephania Stephania
You are putting WAY too much stress on you and your significant other. You need to just relax and be with each other. Yes,it's true you may not have biological children,but it doesn't mean that you can not be a mom.
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Quella Quella
aww hun! I can only imagine how hard that much be!! But don't worry something is bound to come out of this. Maybe you two could adopt a child in need? good luck and stay strong!
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