How to lose weight healthy ? ? and how much will i lose in first month ?

How to lose weight healthy ? ? and how much will i lose in first month ? Topic: How to lose weight healthy ? ? and how much will i lose in first month ?
July 17, 2019 / By Oralee
Question: Im 20 year old female .... weight 220lbs :'( and 5.2 Im really over weight I cry every day and night ..... i hate my self coz every one hates me coz of my weight Plzzz help
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Best Answers: How to lose weight healthy ? ? and how much will i lose in first month ?

Maidie Maidie | 6 days ago
I spent my whole childhood being the overweight kid, being picked on in school, and even having my parents call me fat. I tried everything from barely eating to eating right and exercising every single day. Nothing seemed to be working, I wasnt losing the weight. I got out of high school and thought maybe it would get better, maybe now i can finally work at it harder and lose the weight. But I was wrong. Even into my adult life i was still overweight and i felt like i was back in high school all over again. People were truly horrible to me because i couldnt lose weight. I looked in the mirror each day and was disgusted with myself. I hated myself for not being able to do anything about the way i looked. One day i was out with an old friend i hadnt seen in a while and she suggested http://easy-fat-loss-factor.com. I was skeptical at first as i thought it was another scam. I didnt believe it would actually work since nothing else has. I decide what the heck ive tried everything else. I got my copy and im so happy i did. I was like a zombie i read it over and over and over again. I learned so much that i didnt even think was important to losing weight. It’s comprehensive, detailed and customizable, with meal planning, specific weight loss strategies, different levels of workout routines and many varied weight loss recipes. The program doesn’t waste time with ineffective exercises and highlights high intensity interval training, the most effective kind of exercise for losing weight. I lost 85 lbs and im so happy with myself. I can finally look in the mirror and like what i see. When im out with my friends i get women asking me out for a change. I would recommnend this to everyone who is struggling to lose weight. It worked for me and i know itll work for you too. Good luck on your journey just remember to never give up even when you think nothing will work.
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Maidie Originally Answered: I have about a month and a 1/2 to lose as much weight that is still healthy..?
Sure, you can try the lemonade diet or cabbage diet. Both have worked for me and I have lost more than 30 pounds with them. :)

Keziah Keziah
Hi Sunya, Lovely name by the way. " I Hate myself cus, everyone hates me" wont cut it in life. You need to be bold and think positive thoughts about yourself. Like I always tell people. You cannot please the whole world. To try is folly. Their opinion DO NOT MATTER. What does is your opinion of yourself. Fat or not, Poor or Rich, you must love yourself or no one will. Ok? Metformin, Garcinia, Bee pollen, Nutriscience etc work for some people but If you REALLY want to loose weight it starts with the Mind. Check out the program in the link below: Its helped 1000s of people trying to lose weight. Even Oprah swears by it I hear. Hope this helps and Good luck.  http://healthastonishment.com/go/weight-loss
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Jaimie Jaimie
I've found that losing weight the traditional way takes too long and requires too much effort, then I found out about the Paris Hilton diet and the weight just came off! All you need is a toothbrush and very low self-esteem.
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Ena Ena
Seeking for a personal trainer at a Gym will get you in tip top shape and leave your haters jaw dropped after your transformation, i also say, use your haters as motivators :D Again, getting a trainer will be the best decision instead of just getting answers from us of what you should eat or do because different people are better or worse with different exercises or diets. So like i said before getting trainer is best decision and use haters as motivators!
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Cierra Cierra
As according to the statement of online reviews find ways to reduce fat, sugar, or calories in your favorite treats and snacks. If you do your own baking, cut back on sugar, making up for it with extra cinnamon or vanilla extract. You can also eliminate or reduce high-calorie sides, like whipped cream, cheese, dip, and frosting.
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Cierra Originally Answered: How much weight can I healthy lose in a month?
Well im also 5'2 and im 140. I want to be 110 or 115 by August. I think you can healthy lose 10-12 pounds a month if you eat healthy, (no junk food or 'cheat meals' no matter what anyone says) and drink just water , (no exceptions not even for gatorade). Excersize as much as needed but, if you just change your diet like that it should be enough, excersize weight loss is just a plus.on it. myfitnesspal.com is helping me. Add me Sp3nc3r3

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