Is my Diet Schedule okay? Will it actually work?

Is my Diet Schedule okay? Will it actually work? Topic: Is my Diet Schedule okay? Will it actually work?
June 20, 2019 / By Adlai
Question: TREADMILL TIME- 20-40 minutes, walk for five minutes, jog for thirty seconds, sprint as fast as I can for thirty seconds, and jog five minutes before repeating. Do this for twenty to forty minutes. This "3 day diet" may work. Day 1 Breakfast Warmed up tea with a little bit of added sugar. grape juice one piece of toast with peanut butter Lunch Ramen Noodles. Piece of toast Warmed up tea with a little bit of added sugar. Dinner Three ounces of chicken or lean meat One cup of green beans One cup of carrots (possibly celery) An apple One scoop ice cream (vanilla) Day 2 Breakfast Warmed up tea with a little bit of added sugar. One egg Half banana Piece of toast Lunch Ramen Noodles Eight regular saltine crackers Dinner Hot dog Brocolli or lettuce/cabbage. Half cup carrots Half banana One scoop vanilla ice cream Day 3 Breakfast Warmed up tea with some added sugar. Five regular saltines One ounce Colby Jack cheese An apple -lunch and dinner here- (no room)
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Stephenie Stephenie | 9 days ago
ur cardio workout seems not suited for treadmill its best if u r outside ur diet seems alrite
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Stephenie Originally Answered: Is my Diet Schedule okay? Will it actually work?
ur cardio workout seems not suited for treadmill its best if u r outside ur diet seems alrite

Quianna Quianna
If anything...NO NO NO NO RAMEN!!! That is so unhealthy you won't believe! Try a nice garden salad with some fat free dressing. NO HOT DOGS!! Again, something that really packs a lot of calories (as much as a filet mignon, whatever the spelling) in such a small thing so enjoy the calories in fish or chicken. Add a light snack between your meals to keep your metabolism up! Like a piece of fruit or some fiber. Make sure your bread is whole wheat. Later on you might want to change up your cardio and add cycling or the ellipitical. But please, no ramon and diets don't work but lifestyle changes do. Good luck!
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Meggie Meggie
I'll just put my schedule in and you can use it or look over it...it's just as good as anyone else's advice. 5:30 a.m. Wake up and wash up. 6:00 a.m. Breakfast and vitamins 7:00 a.m. Off to the gym 7:30 a.m. (Tues-Thurs-Sat) Weight circuit training (Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri) 30 minutes Eliptical 8:15 a.m. 4 mile fast paced walk 9:20 a.m. Spa (steam-sauna-whirlpool-pool) 11:00 a.m. shower 11:30 a.m. hang up wet stuff at home, and empty gym bag 12:00 p.m. household chores and such 1:30 p.m. Lunch/Dinner 3:00 p.m. Work 12:00 a.m. In bed for nights rest and repeat next morning. That is a crude schedule, there are some minor things that happen that I didn't list, but you get the idea, exercising and meal planning are the important parts of the day. Edit: I'm older, and us old folks don't sleep as much as young folks do. I'll be 47 in two weeks.
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Lawanda Lawanda
sounds okay but its not that healthy and probably not that filling. breakfast should be the biggest most nutrient filled meal of the day, then lunch, and then dinner smallest becuase you usually don't need a lot of energy to do things after that like sleep. replace the ramen noodles with a healthy low sodium soup or rinse most of the flavor out of the ramen. ramen noodles are one of the worst things for you becuase they have alot of salt. drink green tea instead with no added sugar eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables(plus fruits and vegetables are negative calories!) drink lots of water before meals drink 3 glasses of milk a day i think now your good to go!
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Jodi Jodi
Try to find a real diet. Try Denise Austin's Suggestions for diet and exercise. It is a real diet and real exercise. I've designed a personal fitness program that allows you to customize your daily exercise routine by focusing on your own fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and one of three fat zones — the parts of women's bodies that predominantly store fat: the midsection, the lower body, and the upper body. My Daily Routines cover all the bases — from warming up and cooling down to toning and cardio workouts that focus on your trouble spots without leaving the rest of your body behind! You can also supplement your daily routine with additional Walks, Mini-Routines, and my Monthly Workout Challenges. And on those busy days when you just can't squeeze in your suggested Fit Forever! exercises, you can substitute with my 15-minute Body Blast!
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Gale Gale
Sound's like it might work but what you could do is exercise as much as possible but dont over work your self and if your not over weight just eat when your hungry cause when your hungry your body is ready for food and wont store the extra stuff that it wasen't ready for
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Deanne Deanne
Will that diet work for WHAT?? You didn't say. It doesn't seem like very many calories, and there were no snacks. I think you are going to get very hungry in between those meager meals.
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Brielle Brielle
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Brielle Originally Answered: How to train for track? Like diet, running schedule, etc.?
Hmm... well I also run cross country, and track&field. Your running schedule sounds like it will work well. The key is just to stick with it and be sure to keep consistent. A lot of junior high runners don't take track very seriously, so I'm sure that if you are serious about working hard you should do really well, and possibly even be ahead of the pack since you're starting your training way before the season. I do hurdles too, (love them!) and you should also practice those before the season starts just so you can make sure you are used to them... The first time I tried to jump one, I fell flat on my face and was bruised up a bit. Don't get discouraged if this happens to you, it takes some time. I wasn't successful with them for a while during practice, but then at my first meet I took first place and kept improving from then on. So... if you don't do well the first time, keep trying! As far as the diet goes, if you are sticking with that running schedule there shouldn't be a big need for a strict diet. When i run consistently everyday, I'm normally hungry a lot, and your body also needs the extra calories since you're burning a lot on your run. Also, being in junior high, your body is growing a lot and needs extra nutrients for staying healthy. Just try not to eat too much junk, and you should be fine. Nutri-Grain bars are great, and water is awesome too. (Make sure to drink a lot of it... Keep yourself hydrated!) Good luck, and you have fun!

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