What are some weight loss tips to lose weight and build musle fast?

What are some weight loss tips to lose weight and build musle fast? Topic: What are some weight loss tips to lose weight and build musle fast?
July 17, 2019 / By Olivia
Question: im 15 female 145 pounds thankss
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Madonna Madonna | 9 days ago
Hello! Try these tips: 1#Lower Your Stress Levels - Too much stress plays a larger role in not just your overall health, but also for weight gain as well. The reason why is because when you are under too much stress (family, work, relationships, etc.), a chemical in your body (cortisol) is released, and too much of this chemical will rest along your abdomen area! Now, to reduce stress, I recommend for you to do things such as heavy bag boxing, stretching exercises, and breathing exercises. #2 - Eat More Green Leafy Veggies - It's important that you eat all types of veggies, but I strongly recommend that you greatly increase your consumption of green leafy veggies (such as spinach). The reason why is because this vegetable has a lot of antioxidants and fiber in it... and just by eating it can actually cause your body to burn fat! #3 - Drink Water And Eat Fiber Before Meals - If you want to decrease hunger pangs and avoid those annoying cravings, then I highly recommend that you drink a cup of ice-cold water and eat some type of fiber (such as an apple or a handful of almonds) right before you eat. #4 - Drink Lots Of Water - To feel more fuller (as mentioned above), to build muscle tissue more effectively, to increase your metabolism, to flush toxins out of your body, to remove water weight and stop feeling bloated all the time, and so much more, I highly recommend that you drink at least 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of fresh water every day! #5 - Think Fat Loss Instead Of Weight Loss In Regards To Food - Most people, when it comes to nutrition, will typically focus more on reducing carbs, fats, and calories. That type of dieting is known as "fad dieting" and will only slow your metabolism down. Instead, what I recommend you do is to eat foods in a way that will burn fat fast. To do this... A.) Do not starve yourself. Eat an appropriate amount of calories daily (simply subtract no more than 300 calories from your daily calorie maintenance level). For example, if to maintain your current weight, you need to eat 2300 calories each day, then I recommend you only reduce that amount to no less than 2000 to avoid slowing your metabolism down. B.) Do not restrict nutrients. As mentioned above, avoid low-fat, low-carb, and low-calorie diets. C.) Alternate your calorie patterns each day to prevent your metabolism from reaching a comfort zone (this is called shifting calories or calorie confusion). This diet trick is so easy to follow but yet it's incredibly effective (I dropped a total of 52 pounds in 8 weeks following this style of dieting)!
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Madonna Originally Answered: Fast Weight loss tips?
you can become vegan or veggitarian. those really help but u don't get meat so that wood kinda suck haha. I would start out by cutting all drinks except water from your diet. this makes a huge difference. also, try drinking two glasses of waTer before each meal. this will make u eat smLler portions. if u have a reusable wAter bottle, I would keep that near you at all times, and when you feel like snacking, drink from it. u can make a '10 gulp rule' which is when you have to drink 10 gulps of the water once it touches your lips, before u can put it down. try determining if you are eAting out of hunger or boredom. if ur in a snacking mood, drink 2 glasses of water, and usually you forget that you were in that mood to begin with. If u still want something, try something rAw, like fruits or veggies (raw meat is not suggested hahahah ) it's good thAt u have a goal. the more goals u have, the better off u will be. try keeping a piece of clothing that you are trying to fit into in plain sight, like on ur dresser. also if u keep track of every think you eat and the excorsize you do during a day, youll loose weight faster. but don't do anything unless YOU believe thAt you want to. don't just do it because ur parents want you to, because you shouldn't let others opinions change you. good luck(:

Keren-Happuch Keren-Happuch
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Jackaline Jackaline
The Diet SolutionProgram is really a culmination of my search for answers to my own weight loss and health problems.
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Elva Elva
eat less.. exercise more. :) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110228142753AAM5SLK
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Elva Originally Answered: I need serious weight loss tips as fast as possible?
Small, frequent meals, increase protein and reduce sugar, an hour of exercise 3-4 times a week to start, mix half weight training (no, women have different body structure so weights will only help muscle definition and increase daily calorie burn), and cardio should be 20-30 minutes, preferably intervals of fast/slow instead of one steady speed. Though I'm not a certified trainer, I've played college sports, worked out for nearly 13 years, played college hockey, work at GNC, and twice lost over 30 lbs to get to 8% bodyfat using that method. Use the calculator linked below to get your total calories and break down your meals according to the recommendations, and you will see results in under a month. As for the pills, they should be a last resort, and you need to be careful, because some may not work with your particular body, and you need to hydrate properly and not overuse (more than two months at a time, and more than recommended dose. Hope this helps, and if needed can elaborate further or answer more ?'s.

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