How to get a flat stomach?

How to get a flat stomach? Topic: How to get a flat stomach?
July 17, 2019 / By Maachah
Question: Hey, I'm in need to make my stomac flat. I hate being in one piece swimsuits, and if i wear my bikinis, my stomac always bothers me! So i need some help. Any personal/physical tips i can get? I eat a well balanced diet...i was born with a little baby fat...and it hasnt left :*( I've tried ab workout machines...dont work...i need a extreamly good workout...that will keep it out for GOOD!!
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Kelcey Kelcey | 9 days ago
You can lay down in the freeway and get run over! That usually works pretty well. Or you could try exercise... ;-)
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Kelcey Originally Answered: Does excercising on a treadmill tone my stomach, and lost belly fat so I can have a flat stomach, and benefits
*Yes it does all of the following you stated, but only if you maintain a healthy diet. You will see faster, and better results. You don't even need to waste money on a treadmill. You can go jogging outside. Get some fresh air, alittle sun, and take some sights in. It is much more relaxing to me.* *Treadmill: Tones stomach, thighs, helps to reduce body fat all over because it is a cardio exercise. You should spend atleast 20 minutes on it to start burning fat. It just depends on how fast you go. I would try to work on endurance because that is what helped me lose weight too. I ran slower, for a longer period of time.* Here are a few more tips if you want to use them if you don't already: -Here are a few exercises to help with reducing fat, and building muslce. Jog in place, jump rope, jog, walk, swim, bike, sit ups, push ups, crunches, pilates, pull ups, swimming, leg lifts, and dancing. Make sure you do atleast and hour of Cardio. *Drink more water, 8-10 glasses of water everyday.* -Cut down on the carbs (there's good, and bad carbs.The bad cars are chips, sodas etc.), fats, and sugars you consume. -Lift weights, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns. -If you feel like you are hungry try to have some water, but if you want food, then try to snack in between meals only have fruit and veges, apple, carrot sticks, remember try to eat an apple and banana a day. -I suggest taking out all fizzy drinks and juices. *I started swimming every morning about 3 weeks ago before I ate breakfast, so far I have lost about 20 pounds of fat, and have gone down 2 waist sizes. I look, and feel way better because when you do a form of cardio exercise before you eat, you are burning the stored fat (stomach, and everything else), other than burning the food you just ate. Plus swimming burns fat, and tones up your muscles. 2 In 1!* (Have a good breakfast. Breakfast is so important.) Good luck! Source(s): Source(s): www.bodybuilding.com www.menshealth.com www.health-fitness-tips.com/ www.health-fitness-tips.com/fe...

Ireland Ireland
If it's just baby fat it will disappear by itself soon, just be patient. If you want to help it along, I recommend running (runners always have killer abs) or swimming (ditto). Also try this, it's a combination of leg lifts and reverse crunches. Lie on your back and lift your feet about 6 inches of the ground. Hold for 2 seconds, then start to bring them up. As you do so, bend your knees and turn it into a reverse crunch, bringing your bum up off the flor and your knees up to your chest. This works the lower abs which often get neglected in crunches and sit-ups. Actually a lot of what appears to be stomach fat is just bloating or bad posture, which happily is a hell of a lot easier to get rid of than actual body fat. People tend to forget that your tummy area is right over your major digestive organs and therefore its shape can change drastically over the course of a single day. Drink chamomile tea and eat smaller meals more spread out across the day to reduce bloating. If you go out in a bikini, don't eat a big meal just before. Look at the website below for more great tips.
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Elenora Elenora
For one always sit straight and stand up straight. It distributes your weight more evenly on your stomach and flattens it out. I don't like sit ups so I find good yoga moves and excercises from sites like self.com. Planks and 6 inches are great too (for 1-2 minutes (depends on your muscle strength) you lie on the ground with your legs about 6 inches above the ground then raise them to a right angle and lower them back down fairly rapidly. This developes great stomach muscles.) Any ab workout combined with a low fat diet will get you towards a flat stomach. Best of luck!
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Cherokee Cherokee
Cardio, cardio more than middle targeted workout. Middle targeted workout will give you tight muscle behind a fat tissue abdominal wall. But you need to know 90% of getting a flat stomach comes from a safe weight loss nutrition program.. You will never fix the stomach fat by doing exercise alone. No matter how many machines you buy or how many abs workout you do. But NEVER go to a crash diet. You will damage your muscle tissue and, when you stop dieting, you will gain even more weight and more faster. Muscle is where you burn fat. So you need to take care of your muscle tissue. I have a blog where info like this is shared. http://www.lose-it-now.net/burn-stomach-fat/ I hope you have a chance to check on it.
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Ashlyn Ashlyn
I feel the same way! I'm thin but that little tummy is always there! Chances are, you notice it more than anyone. Some women are born with a flat stomach muscle, and some with a round one, so it may never get "flat". But, if you cut down on dairy and carbs and do sit-ups that strengthen both the upper AND lower torso, it should help. Really though, I have seen some sexy women with curvy figures! don't be embarrassed!
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Zidkijah Zidkijah
.....first try limiting yout diet dont eat more then usual try to cut back also go for daily walks around the neighborhood and swimming is also a good workout. it doesnt help the stomach area but its a fat burner and it can help create abs
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Sloane Sloane
just like everything, the first few steps are the hardest. discipline yourself to gradually build up your tolerance for cardio like jogging everyday. go from a slow 5 minute jog to 15 mins mild jog in 3 weeks. the key is do it everyday!! discipline! your body will change like magic and you wont crave junk food as much since your body can't have too much of both at the same time.
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Orrin Orrin
Try 80 situps when u get up 80 in the evening and another 80 before bed. depends how much u could do as well.
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Orrin Originally Answered: How to lose stomach fat and get a flat stomach?(10 points best answer)?
In order to lose stomach fat you should cut out all the sugary drinks such as sodas. Drink Water. Also eat 5 small meals per day to increase your metabolism. These meals should be healthy and include negative calorie foods such as lettuce. You should also do some sort of cardiovascular exercising or play your favorite sport for at least 20 minutes 3 times per week. This should help a lot. Remember that if you do sit ups and don't follow a diet plan, you'll just be increasing the muscle mass under your fat and pushing it out more. This will make you look like you're stomach is getting bigger. Follow a healthy diet plan. For more information visit: http://superweightlossguide.com/how-to-lose-stomach-fat-fast.php

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