where to get non gmo foods?

where to get non gmo foods? Topic: where to get non gmo foods?
June 16, 2019 / By Flicka
Question: I live in a small town and walmart is the only store around. Is there any hope for me, I want to stop eating this crap!
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Dahlia Dahlia | 7 days ago
quit eating processed foods, learn to cook and use whole foods and you can avoid about 90% of the GMO's on the market. You don't need to go Organic unless all you eat is processed crap. Find a farmers market or CSA here http://www.localharvest.org there are probably several sustainable or Organic farms within 30 minutes of you and likely a farmers market in your town
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Dahlia Originally Answered: Should persons on Food Stamps be Requried to eat healthier foods and restricted on junk foods and sodas?
Well, the fact that medicaid pays the medical and dental bills for a lot of people on food stamps, it makes sense to restrict foods purchased with food stamps. People whose life choices leave them at risk for requiring government assistance to provide basic necessities on a long term basis really don't have room to complain. If you need free food and then need free dental care and free health care, just be thankful and accept the restrictions. But, that is of course too much to ask for. Of course anyone thinking of restricting food stamp purchases is heartless and cruel. How dare anyone say junk food is not allowed! Then, add in the food lobbyists and there is no way this would ever pass. Because, money talks and common sense has no place in the conversation when someone is trying to make money. Imagine any politician trying to get this passed and the amount of money on attack ads that would be spent by junk food companies to stop it. Somehow Doritos and Coke would become a part of the food pyramid.
Dahlia Originally Answered: Should persons on Food Stamps be Requried to eat healthier foods and restricted on junk foods and sodas?
food stamp assistance only comes to less than $1.50 per meal. you can't get a bag of potato chips for that. so for a person to survive on stamps alone, they are pretty much driven away from convenient foods of any kind, even those that are not junk. WIC is welfare funded so it can be more restrictive in its goals. Food stamps is USDA program to benefit farmers and not funded by welfare.

Bithia Bithia
Locaharvest is a pretty good site. realmilk.com has a milk finder that will inevitably lead you to an organic farm as well - whether you're looking for milk or not. I agree with the processed foods thing; but there are processed foods that are non-gmo. Companies such as Amy's makes frozen pizzas and other frozen foods that are free on GMO's and are quite good from both a taste and health perspective. I'm on a very strict 100% GMO-free diet and I can still enjoy the pizza. Nongmoproject.org has a list of companies that offer much cleaner non-GMO foods than the corrupt food giants, and can be found here: http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gm... As for where to find these foods, it's hard to say. Our local food lion is beginning to carry many non-GMO foods which is nice. I've heard whole foods is pretty good, but I can't vouch for it as I've never been to one. Shopping online is usually the best way if you buy enough to get free shipping; though of course fresh foods and frozen foods can be tricky.
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Ailsie Ailsie
You're pretty much out of luck if walmart is your only store. I try to buy my produce, milk and butter at a farmer's market or the local Amish market.
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Ailsie Originally Answered: Why am I so sensitive to unhealthy foods, such as starches or processed foods?
Two more possibilities are that (1) you may have the genetics 1/3 of the population has, which will be cumulatively damaged in the Pancreas by a diet containing bleached wheat flour, as a modified enzyme is created. Back when bleached flour first came out, suddenly juvenile diabetes went from rare to endemic. Researchers tried giving large amounts of this modified enzyme to lab animals, and discovered it would destroy their Pancreas. Quickly it became the established way to study diabetes! The bread industry then and now fears lawsuits, and phony studies were commissioned by charlatans who did studies on humans who ate bleached bread versus those who ate unbleached. HOWEVER, they excluded anyone from the studies whose family had elderly with diabetes, which were the 1/3 at risk from bleached flour. Bleached flour was declared safe, and the bread mffrs were protected from lawsuits. Today, the mffrs would rather poison children than risk being sued for "admitting guilt" by switching to unbleached flour. I personally was showing all kinds of hypoglycemic and diabetic symptoms, INCLUDING HEADACHES, at age 19, when Dr. Nichols told me about all this and put me on an unbleached diet. No more problems, and now I am 61. But if I eat a sandwich a day of bleached flour, in a few days the symptoms return, so I don't do that. I suggest you look into this in your own diet. (2) If some environmental chemical, from whatever source, is giving you a headache, taking 250mg per day of Magnesium Oxide will gently and safely lower your blood pressure a bit, and may make more difference than packing yourself with analgesics like time-release acetaminophen, however, there is nothing stopping you from taking both, according to label directions. Good Luck. Regards, Larry.

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