How can you get a flat stomach?????

How can you get a flat stomach????? Topic: How can you get a flat stomach?????
July 17, 2019 / By Colten
Question: Please help! I weight 108.6LBS age 14 i'm 5'0 I've been working out everyday for 4 mounths (over an hr) I started to power walk (for a week now)at lest 30 mins / or when i feel to teird to work out i power walk 1 hr or more I DONT eat junk food (Maby a lil taste if someone offers it but i normaly get out of those situations.....) I eat fruits and whole weat too.... :( .....summer is comming up to I'm SO upset My friends say that i lost my baby fat...so i have no excuse..:( Am i doomed to be over-weight forever?? Im doing the power walking were i walk outside (PLUS i walk home and my friends who want to come over and walk home with me often complain about the distance and thats nothing to me!) So yup i'm doombed to look fat :( I said my type of workout but i'll be more spasific Okay I do one (55 min) work out tape of mainly te-bo sometimes something esle but thats rare I walk home from school I walk my dog I take extra long powerwalks whenever i can( doing them daily for about 1 week now) (2hrs) Mall? hahah i walk alot there!! i have been home working out for 4 mounths and walking outside and stuff (not including mall) for 2 weeks I'm losing weight but i STILL look terrible phsyicaly HELP I'm not aiming for muscles!!!.... I'm sorry but all i want is to have nice flat stomach....and thighs and arms but i thought if i asked for all of that you'd be like "slow down buddie" so am i doombed to be chubby forever? lol and it doesnt matter if i lose a bra size...im chesty lmao what should my goal weight be?
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Arieh Arieh | 7 days ago
Your looking for a magic bullet and there isn't one. Loosing weight right under your belly button, or your under arms, or some other random body part and no where else is impossible. You have to loose everywhere, or nowhere. Severe weight loss will see a size in breast cup size for example, so be prepared for that. Do all your power walking in the morning before you eat breakfast. At that time, the only source of energy is body fat stores (there are no calories out of the diet ready to be used). For your afternoon or evening work outs, do weights, or some form of resistance training. This combination works best. Not daily mind you, but alternating. M/W/F morning power walks (or even better daily), and then weight training on alternate days. And before I hear you say "but I don't want to get big!" Don't worry about that, for that you have to eat like a pig, lift weights 2 hours a day, and inject something. Since I'm sure your not doing all three of those things, you won't "bulk up." Shane
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Arieh Originally Answered: Does excercising on a treadmill tone my stomach, and lost belly fat so I can have a flat stomach, and benefits
*Yes it does all of the following you stated, but only if you maintain a healthy diet. You will see faster, and better results. You don't even need to waste money on a treadmill. You can go jogging outside. Get some fresh air, alittle sun, and take some sights in. It is much more relaxing to me.* *Treadmill: Tones stomach, thighs, helps to reduce body fat all over because it is a cardio exercise. You should spend atleast 20 minutes on it to start burning fat. It just depends on how fast you go. I would try to work on endurance because that is what helped me lose weight too. I ran slower, for a longer period of time.* Here are a few more tips if you want to use them if you don't already: -Here are a few exercises to help with reducing fat, and building muslce. Jog in place, jump rope, jog, walk, swim, bike, sit ups, push ups, crunches, pilates, pull ups, swimming, leg lifts, and dancing. Make sure you do atleast and hour of Cardio. *Drink more water, 8-10 glasses of water everyday.* -Cut down on the carbs (there's good, and bad carbs.The bad cars are chips, sodas etc.), fats, and sugars you consume. -Lift weights, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns. -If you feel like you are hungry try to have some water, but if you want food, then try to snack in between meals only have fruit and veges, apple, carrot sticks, remember try to eat an apple and banana a day. -I suggest taking out all fizzy drinks and juices. *I started swimming every morning about 3 weeks ago before I ate breakfast, so far I have lost about 20 pounds of fat, and have gone down 2 waist sizes. I look, and feel way better because when you do a form of cardio exercise before you eat, you are burning the stored fat (stomach, and everything else), other than burning the food you just ate. Plus swimming burns fat, and tones up your muscles. 2 In 1!* (Have a good breakfast. Breakfast is so important.) Good luck! Source(s): Source(s): www.bodybuilding.com www.menshealth.com www.health-fitness-tips.com/ www.health-fitness-tips.com/fe...

Trixie Trixie
Ya, fruits although good for you arn't gonna get you a flat stomache Don't stop eating them though... Cuz you are not overweight by the sounds of things Do not have too many sugars... AKA pop! Just eat lots and lots of pourage... (Extremely beneficial for getting than sleeker look) Make sure you drink 4+ bottles of water a day (works amazingly by flushing everything out) Keep on exercising... Eventually if you want a toned stomach you will have to start doing crunches --- Also what tpye of working out are you doing? You may be putting muscle on... NEED MORE DETAILS (Y)
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Sammi Sammi
Sometimes you have no control over that sort of thing, all i can suggest is keep at what ur doing. I used to do 200 situps a day, i weighed 48 kg and i ate hardly nothin and i still had a tummy, all you can do is put up with it and just be an awesome person, people will still love u, tummy or no tummy!
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Noah Noah
What, you don't look fine? Well, there's sit-ups, but please don't be upset. At 5'0" and only 108 lbs, it's not like you are morbidly obese or anything. You're doing fine. Watch your food intake and don't try to be a twiggy. You are only 14. You will blossom and be beautiful. When you are 19 or 20, re-think what you could be doing to remain gorgeous. And here's my advice -- at that time, don't get married and have a kid. That will ruin your physique more than 9 months of super-sizing at McDonald's. Good luck and just keep doing what you're doing, you are doing just fine.
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Lynsey Lynsey
Well you stated flat belly for each, so that is very nearly the age-ancient entrance vs. again debate. I'm an @ss guy myself, so I'm gonna have got to pass with significant butt and small breasts, however I cannot pressure the significance of /proportions/ an excessive amount of.
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Keeva Keeva
You are only 14 and may still have (ugh! dare I say it?) some baby fat. The best overall way to get a flat stomach is to walk so put on your sneakers open the front door and put one foot in front of the other.
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Keeva Originally Answered: How to lose stomach fat and get a flat stomach?(10 points best answer)?
In order to lose stomach fat you should cut out all the sugary drinks such as sodas. Drink Water. Also eat 5 small meals per day to increase your metabolism. These meals should be healthy and include negative calorie foods such as lettuce. You should also do some sort of cardiovascular exercising or play your favorite sport for at least 20 minutes 3 times per week. This should help a lot. Remember that if you do sit ups and don't follow a diet plan, you'll just be increasing the muscle mass under your fat and pushing it out more. This will make you look like you're stomach is getting bigger. Follow a healthy diet plan. For more information visit: http://superweightlossguide.com/how-to-lose-stomach-fat-fast.php

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