I have a month and a half to lose as much weight as I can?

I have a month and a half to lose as much weight as I can? Topic: I have a month and a half to lose as much weight as I can?
July 17, 2019 / By Joni
Question: I need to know: The best way to do it. What kind of things to eat, what kind of things to not eat. Simple exercises to do at home. And, is it best to jog, come home and then eat dinner.. or eat dinner, then jog?
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Genevieve Genevieve | 8 days ago
Eat healthier versions of stuff you like because that makes it easier to diet. For example instead of beef and pork eat turkey (they make low fat & fat free turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, and even turkey bacon). Get low fat, fat-free, or sugar free versions of products. drink water instead of juice (you can add sugar free flavoring like crystal light). Choose whole wheat breads instead of whites. Snack on whole grain chips and crackers or on a healthy cereal. Eat fruits and vegetables. Its better to make your own meals than to eat out because you can control how much oil and sugar and other unhealthy stuff is going in. Make sure you're cutting down on the number of calories and amount of saturated you eat. Try eating small meals and healthy snacks in between. For ever 3500 calories you eat and don't burn off, you gain a pound. Make sure you're still getting enough nutrients though, you may want to take a multivitamin daily. I think that eating healthy will make a big difference but you should also exercise AT LEAST 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. If you have time, try for one hour every day. Do cardio type exercises like the treadmill, jogging, bikes. And weight lifting a few times per week to boost metabolism. If you don't do this kind of stuff already, just be careful not to hurt yourself, start off slowly with simple exercises or shorter sessions. Good luck!!
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Genevieve Originally Answered: How is a 11 year old 4'5" sopose to lose weight in about 1 month in a half?
well your bmi is 24 so you are a average weight. i dont think you should be losing weight this young, but if its really bothering you sit down with your mom and figure out an exercise plan, and than both of you should talk to your grandma about the food choices in your house. After you explain to her how you feel im sure she will realize your point of view and change your diet. Good luck!!

Deja Deja
To lose weight, the best way is by cardio and diet. For The Diet: Check this site to see how many calories you take in each day and how many you should to lose weight: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm In Your Diet, Include Food That have A Variety Of Nutrients. Make Sure It Has Protein, Carb, And Vitamins. Eat Alot Of Fruits And Veggies. Stay Away From Processed Foods Like Fries. Dont Eat Pizza, Burgers And Other Foods Like Those. To Exercise, The Best Way Is Cardio. Jog/Walk Each Day For 30 Minutes On A Treadmill. If You Dont Have One, Do It Outside Everyday, Like Around The Block. The Best Time To Jog Is In The Morning And You Shouldnt Exercise After Eating Anything For At Least 2 Hours. But, If You Can Exercise Only Before Or After Dinner, Then Jog Before You Eat.
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Brook Brook
If you seem to gain weight rapidly or just have extra fat it’s actually a lot simpler than most people think it is. It’s because your body is storing excess amounts of food in your body turning it into fat! In other words you have a slow metabolism! You have to find a way to speed it up! FOR 1 MONTH YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO SHED THE POUNDS AWAY! EAT ONLY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND FISH! This may sound strange but hang on a sec. Fruits are great with speeding up your metabolism! You'll find yourself going to the bathroom a lot more which is good. Gets rid of those fatty deposits in your body. Eating only veggies gives you the vitamins your body needs to get fit no fat added in these foods, and the good thing with these food the more you eat the better it is for you. Fish is full of protein and doesn't have all that fatty grease that chicken and especially meat have. Any kind of fish works great especially salmon. ADD Half AN HOUR OF RUNNING EVERYDAY AND WHEN I SAY EVERYDAY IT MUST BE EVERYDAY! This running has to be quick, fast but very intense you want to sprint, as fast as you can go for half an hour. Within 1 month you will notice a huge, huge difference with your body and weight! But you must not change a single thing of this diet the hardest part of a diet is sticking to it to the very end.
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Alisya Alisya
don't eat junk food, drink water, have plenty of fruits and vegetables have a salad it is better to jog in the morning or around lunch
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Uri Uri
Exercise - just do it - whenever. Eat healthy and not after 7 p.m Drink lot's of water! Green tea. These helped me lose 7 inches so far http://www.TrimInchesToday.com
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Robin Robin
You can burn up to three times as much fat by exercising in the morning before breakfast than in the evening!
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Micha Micha
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Micha Originally Answered: How could I lose weight before school starts in a month an a half?
try using myfitnesspal.com It's a free service that helps you lose your desired amount of weight by a certain time.

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